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How to Telehealth using Google Cloud

As cities begin to reopen, appointments book up: for salons, dentist offices, even tattoo parlors. But not all once face-to-face interactions need to continue the process in the same way they once did. Take doctor check-ins or mental health visits. Just because some patients might be eager to escape the walls they call home, not everyone will feel comfortable being among the public.

So how do you make sure all patients are getting the care they still need?

When this pandemic began, we saw clients take the tools they already had and turn them into the sole communication channels for every interaction inside and outside the organization. With Google Meet, we saw some increase their video conferencing calls by over 500%, while others saw decreases in the number of patient cancellations and no-shows. The positive results we’ve seen in the last two months have many leaders looking at these technology solutions as a permanent option to serve patients.

A Look Behind the Curtain

What specific tools brought the results above to life? You might be surprised how simple the workflow can actually be. But don’t be fooled, simple doesn’t mean any less powerful. (1) Patient sets up an appointment through the EMR system. (2) Patient Coordinator creates a unique Google Meet link for the visit. (3) That 1-of-a-kind link is sent via encrypted email and SMS directly to the patient. (4) From anywhere, on any device, both doctor and patient enter a HIPAA compliant video call.

Beyond Gmail and Google Meet, used in this specific example, every application within G Suite is not only backed by the world’s most secure infrastructure, but is also HIPAA compliant.

Is Telehealth right for you?

Lucky for you, it doesn’t take a huge budget to find out. It’s easy to start simple and build from there. Whether you want to take it a step further and build a special access portal (which can be done with a little development on Google Cloud Platform) or integrate this process with other tools you know and love, we know just the team that can help! Plus, right now, Cloudbakers and Google Cloud are offering Google Meet for free through the end of September 2020. This gives you a chance to innovate quickly and cost effectively while maintaining the best level of service for your patients.

The technical solutions being generated today will separate organizations between the ones that make it and the ones that don’t. Cloudbakers wants to help you make it through and transform to a new normal that’s better than the past.

Originally published on May 15, 2020

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