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HR Management Simplified by Google Apps

HR Management Simplified by Google Apps | CloudbakersAs Bakers we are constantly (and not always so subtly) reminded that the two most important aspects of our business are our team and our clients. With that in mind, Google Apps is even more critical for me to utilize in my daily practices. I am almost never buried in a mountain of paperwork or stuck in a never ending cycle of back and forth emails like others in my field. Since we have a common location to keep all personnel files, travel preferences, and a Cloubakers Intranet, I can really focus on those two key aspects of our business platform.

Internal Organization

Why am I never burdened by loads of paperwork? Google Docs and Google Drive, of course! I keep two main folders on My Drive that I used to keep track of key documents that would otherwise get forgotten about or stored away in a file cabinet to collect dust in more traditional HR departments. I distinguish our documents between an ‘HR Private’ and ‘HR Public’ Folder. Private documents include new hire paperwork, payroll information, and anything that contains sensitive information--documents only shared with the necessary parties within our organization. The ‘HR Public’ folder is another story. This is accessible to everyone companywide. Here we store anything and everything an employee could possibly need from me or I could need from them--our travel plan form, T-Shirt sizes, copies of federal paperwork, health insurance FAQs, how to enroll in our retirement program, office policies and much more. We have the permission sharings function down pat! Our confidential documents are secure and our company wide ones are easy to find.

Bakers in Mexico | Cloudbakers

Confidence From Abroad

The benefit of having one location for all documents, spreadsheets, and other files extends beyond just making me more productive day to day. This year, I was off work for two weeks, getting ready to get married (yay!) and traveling to Mexico on my honeymoon (double yay!). I knew I had everything in it’s place on our Google Drive so that the appropriate people had access to everything and anything they could possibly need. I didn’t have a worry in the world about employee travel arrangements or who was to manage the recruiting pipeline in my absence because of the process we already had in place. And if for any reason I was needed, I knew a quick Google Hangout would be all it took to easily answer questions. 

While I was away, the HR process passed with flying colors! I had zero issues arise and any documents that the team needed were (as suspected) easy to find and use. How many people can say that about their process while they’re out of (or in!) the office?

As a young Human Resource professional, I am very eager and excited to see where the cloud and Google for Work will take us next.

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Originally published on September 22, 2015

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