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Implementing Zoho AI To Keep Your Business Thriving

Regardless of the landscape we find ourselves in today, businesses have to keep doing business; you’ve got calls to make, deals to close, and reports to run. Not to mention dishes to clean (your work from home coworker is a real stickler!).

Sound familiar? While we’re anxiously awaiting for the unveiling of a smart house and business droids, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here. AI and Machine Learning (ML), you may have heard of them, maybe even researched them, and you always come back to the same question – ‘How will it positively impact my business?’ 

Zoho AI is built to increase efficiency and productivity, with tools to anticipate customer needs, qualify data, and automate tasks. All leaving you to focus on what really matters, growing the business and keeping customers happy…with time left to tackle those dishes! Cloudbakers has highlighted the best of what Zoho AI has to offer below (with solutions for IT, Customer Service, and Sales Teams:

Zia for Zoho CRM

Zia is an AI-driven sales assistant that uses data mining and machine learning to analyze incoming data and how your employees use Zoho CRM to provide sales predictions, suggestions, and alerts. 

  • Save time - auto-suggested macros based on users common CRM activities


SalesIQ & Chatbots 

From fielding support questions and scheduling appointments to lead qualification, SalesIQ and Zobot are bringing you the best of what Bots have to offer! 

  • Customize with ease - get creative or access over 15 pre-built bots (including lead generation, scheduler, and real-time troubleshooting)
  • Integrations & Custom Connections - Integrate with Zia as well as third party softwares


AI for Zoho Desk 

Trying to combat an increase in support tickets with the same number of agents all from your home office? Utilize AI in Desk to increase productivity and decrease added burdens on your employees. 

Cloudbakers’ feels very lucky to have a work environment that makes the transition to remote work seamless, including utilizing Zoho and these AI solutions. We don’t just walk the walk, we’re talking the talk and we’re here to help you do the same! This born and raised in the cloud partner has tips, tricks, and support for developing efficient workflows, leveraging automations, and adopting a remote work environment. Our highest priority is our customers, we’d love to chat more and help you implement these AI solutions, give us a virtual ring at care@cloudbakers.com!

Originally published on April 07, 2020

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