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Interoperability Is Inevitable For Healthcare (How To Remain Compliant)

“They're my records and I want them now!”

Have your patients ever wanted easy access to their health records? 

My guess is yes. 

In fact, my grandma takes a journal with her every time she visits a doctor just to make sure her records match theirs...you could say she was ahead of the game.

Patients today may not be aware of the 21st Century Cures Act which was signed into law in October 2016. This act mandates patient data interoperability for payers, providers, and healthcare organizations. What does this mean exactly? The goal is to give patients more control over their records (potentially with the click of an app), allowing them to have the opportunity to choose where they receive their care. Furthermore, it benefits doctors by giving them a more complete view into their patients’ conditions and records.


The Problem for Healthcare Providers:

With a fast approaching implementation deadline of 2022, healthcare organizations are scrambling to eliminate data silos as many critical healthcare applications still run on legacy systems that aren’t built on modern web standards. The bigger problem is...where to start.


Which Cloud & How?

This is where Cloudbakers comes in. We’ve spent over ten years working with organizations to help them choose, migrate, and adopt cloud – solving healthcare needs from collaboration to data and much more in between.

So who do we think is right for a job like this? With their security-first mindset, it’s no surprise that Google Cloud has impressed the world with their ability to protect patient data and improve patient outcomes. And now, they’ve released the Google Cloud Healthcare Interoperability Readiness Program, aimed at helping organizations plan out and start to solve this (what-could-be-a) daunting problem. 

The program does this through two steps: 

  1. Assess and evaluate your current Interoperability preparedness
  2. Plan out a step by step journey to ensure you meet the new standard deemed by necessary by the 21st Century Cures Act


The Process In A Nutshell

How does this all work and actually come to life? Simply put, through modern APIs (application programming interfaces). APIs are the backbone of interoperability and have become the standard for building mobile applications. 

This program uses a combination of solutions to achieve interoperability: the HealthcareAPIx Accelerator, Healthcare Cloud API, and Apigee API management. All of these tools are specifically designed to help healthcare organizations solve this problem and remain compliant with the law. 

And what about AWS and Azure? We can’t just talk about Google and not mention these two other big players...While both Amazon & Microsoft have API solutions, neither company promotes open source, interoperability like Google Cloud has throughout its history.

So where are you in your cloud journey? If you’re unsure of where to start and don’t want your patients walking into the doctor's office with notebooks, we’re here to help you get solving! As one of the first partners to implement the Healthcare Cloud API, Cloudbakers is happy to share our expertise with you. We’re a Google Cloud Premier Partner and Managed Services Provider and will meet you where you are.

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Originally published on December 07, 2020

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