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Justifying Cloud Integration

I was a very young child when my ambitions began to soar. My parents would give me a list of chores that I had to complete every day-one of which, was to move all of our fresh cut firewood into a separate pile about 100 yards away from the wood splitter. I began this tedious job carrying over two logs per trip. This quickly became a long and drawn out process that took me at least an hour to complete everyday (not to mention, it took a toll on my 10-year-old frame). A couple days of dragging out this process led me to frustration. Not only did moving logs take the most time out of any my chores, it also took away all the time I had to play with my father before dinner.

TWheelbarrow-Zoho-CCRM-and-Quickbookshe part of my day that I truly enjoyed, was taken away from me by a chore that I absolutely despised and I was in need of a brilliant scheme to gain back some of my personal time.  With a little bit of creativity and 20 minutes that I was willing to use to fix an rusty old wheelbarrow, I made two trips from the cutting stack to the wood pile and finished my chores for the following days in only 15 minutes-compared to the usual whopping 60! After my migration to the wheelbarrow, I gained...

45 minutes per day

315 minutes per week

1260 minutes per month

and 16,380 minutes per year to have more fun playing games with my dad.

My childhood story can easily be applied to using the technology that immediately relates to any businesses in our economy.

First, let's address the boring longevity of data entry.  Employees are hired to complete all the tasks in which a business encounters on a daily basis. Each business will spend ‘X’ amount of dollars for an employee to finish a task that is worth ‘Y’ to your business. This employee will spend countless hours every week completing a mindless, repetitive task.

For example, there’s a very good chance that you have an employee that has to be contacted every time you would like to add customer information to your accounting system. Many times, that same information will already be filled out in another system used by your sales representatives to track potential customer contact information. Now you have two individuals, performing the same task, multiple times each day, wasting twice the hours (X) every year.

The same example can also be used for Sales Orders, Invoices, Lead Generation, Email Campaigns, etc. These are all essential data entry tasks that a business needs to run everyday maintenance. If your accountant spends 30 minutes every day entering data that has already been entered into one of your separate cloud systems, you are spending...

210 minutes every week

840 minutes each month

43,680 minutes each year re-inputting the same information you already have.

The best part about having this problem is that there’s a solution! The answer for this data re entry is integration. Using SaaS (Software as a Service) products, integration acts as the wheelbarrow for many of these daunting and repetitive processes that waste employees' time on a daily basis. An integration performs these tasks in real time, allowing your employees to add value to your business rather than overlapping work that’s already been done. Zoho CRM and Quickbooks Enterprise are just a few of the many examples which provide an open API enabling you to provision a third party tool for integration.

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Originally published on May 30, 2013

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