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I Lost My Flash Drive! Now What? - How Cloud Computing Will Take Away Your Worries

Flash drives are nothing but accessories these days. You may find me buying one as a gift (so that my friend who owns a digital picture frame can replay photos from our summer outings), but I probably won’t bear the hassle of using it to transfer any of my other files, and you definitely won’t see me using one to carry important company information from one computer to another.

Their small size may be convenient, but also very easy to lose.USB-Google-Apps-cloud-computing

It only takes one time leaving your memory stick behind to risk giving away valuable information. If you travel a lot for business, your chances of a runaway flash drive are even greater.  Why take the risk of someone possibly obtaining your data when not only a safer alternative exists, but an even quicker one?

By saving your pictures and documents in the cloud, it completely eliminates the transfer time. You don’t have to plug anything into your computer, drag anything over to another folder, unplug, replug, and save the file to the next device. Instead, you log into Google Drive on your work computer...and open up the file. Then you go home for the night and want to add one more thing to your presentation the next day.  Log into Google Drive on your tablet...and open the file.  Gain access to any of your documents, anytime, anywhere and on any device!

A lot of the devices we use now, don’t even have a flash drive option.

Smartphones and tablets are becoming the most convenient way to work-on-the-go. Although I still prefer to bring along my laptop to do most of my work, I sure find it easy to grab a much smaller device for places like the train, taxi, and the bridge stoplight on Dearborn Street when there’s a boat coming through.  In any of these scenarios, a flash drive is worthless to me.

At the end of the day, even if time isn’t a factor in your decision of whether or not to use a flash drive, safety should be. Google knows that the security of your data is one of your top concerns and they take that issue very seriously.


Originally published on June 21, 2013

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