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Make Magic By Being Customer-Centric [Zoho CRM Plus Release]

Disney & Cloudbakers: Both fun and customer-centricBefore coming to Cloudbakers, I worked at Disney. All magic aside, it was a place where everything was for the Guest (customer), and as a Cast Member, it was more than rewarding. It was exciting to be that person that made magical things happen for families that you had only known for a few minutes. When I decided to return to Midwest and join the Cloudbakers team, that same customer-centric attitude that had made me fall in love with Mickey's Orlando home, filled the Chicago technology office that was to be my new home.

Being customer-centric means delighting your customers. It's when everything you do is planned, developed, executed, and followed-up with their needs as the main focus.

It's all about building relationships

There's no doubt that the relationships that you build with people at Disney World are much different from those that you build with companies looking for a cloud solution provider. At Disney, you meet hundreds of people a day. You might see certain families again throughout their week-long stay, and maybe, if they just can't get enough, you might see them when they come back the next year to relive the magic once again. At Cloudbakers, we are in contact with our clients every single step of the way. From the awareness stage to ongoing support, we're interacting with the leadership team, training end users, and advocating for our clients within our Partner companies.

In both cases, these relationships last a lifetime. The Disney memories that I have from when I was young (and a Guest myself) will stick with me for the rest of my life. Similarily, the technology solutions that you adopt now, will exponentially make the most of your employees' time at work and have an ever-lasting effect on the life of your business.

So how do you create this customer-centric attitude in your own company? How do you encourage your team internally while simultaneously delighting your customers? CRM tools are the key to this success.

Zoho CRM is awesome. Zoho CRM Plus is like magic. This month, Zoho announced one of the biggest updates they've had yet.

Zoho CRM Plus | How to be customer-centric

With the new Zoho CRM Plus, you not only get six of Zoho's staple features (CRM, Support, Campaigns, Survey, Projects, and Reports), but you also get two brand new products: Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho Social.

Zoho Sales IQ allows you to see where specific individuals have been on your website as well as where they are in the world. Knowing this information gives you the ability to have more personable conversations with them, which in turn, builds that relationship. This product does that and more. Record your website traffic and assign yourself tasks like you never have before!

Zoho Social is another new addition that allows you to schedule content posts to the necessary social media platforms. Get the analytics you need to create content that your listeners, followers, and connections want to read. You can even monitor what they're saying about you, so that the conversation you've been waiting to have is already waiting there for you.

With this new announcement, you have so many tools available at your fingertips now. Cloudbakers is extremely excited about this update and we hope you are too! To find out more about this seamlessly integrated package, give us a call.

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Originally published on October 15, 2014

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