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Life on Cloud Nine: Making Cloud Migration and Implementation Fun Again (Seriously)

One critical component to the “Get The Hang Of It Guarantee” of our cloud services is a unique implementation process that is only made possible by a team effort. Together, the Cloudbaker’s team will make your business’s cloud journey a seamless and easy process by:

  • Turning your business’s leadership into advocates for your IT solution
  • Pairing with your IT department and getting them involved in the creation of your cloud solution
  • Getting your whole company aligned with our process of change management
  • Ensuring smooth sailing and successful, complete adoption of your cloud solution

Because the chemistry of our team is so elemental to our process and your success, we want you to meet part of the team that makes it all happen – Joe Romeo.

We sat down with Joe recently and got the inside scoop on what he does and how he’s helping to create an unbeatable experience for our clients and making cloud migration and implementation fun again! (Seriously.)

What Does It Mean To Be A Customer Engineer At Cloudbakers/Qwinix?

My role is similar to a solutions architect, or solutions engineer. I work with organizations that are on the fence about what they’re looking for. So, they aren’t necessarily customers yet, but they are eagerly researching the best options and resources for their cloud and general IT infrastructure.

I get a first look at the tech stack of many businesses – their enterprise databases and tools for collaboration. From there we determine if Cloudbakers/Qwinix will be a good fit for their company and their goals.

If we are a good fit, we see which components of Google Workspace will be beneficial alternatives for their current operations. We outline what a wholesale consolidation and migration from their current platforms would look like. That is, either a full migration to Google Workspace, or a hybrid solution that still allows them to take advantage of the best in breed tools from Google while retaining some legacy applications.

Depending on the needs of the business they may want to stay on Microsoft for email or other apps, but use Google for Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar and Chat. Long story short, I’m there to guide them through that initial journey to determine what the right solution is, and make sure they feel completely informed, educated and confident about their next steps. 

What Are The Most Common Alternative Computing Solutions You Find Businesses Are Using Before Migrating to Google Workspace?

I find many businesses are still trying to work with servers in their office or a datacenter – either with Microsoft Exchange or a hybrid where some of their work is done locally and some of it is online with Microsoft 365 or Dropbox. At some point, they usually come to realize they’re not getting their money’s worth and the combination of platforms is just complicating their workflow. 

With the innovation we’ve seen in Google Drive, we find many businesses are pretty eager to migrate their operations in that direction. Especially if they’re already paying for Google Workspace! 

What Was Your Career Journey That Brought You To Cloudbakers/Qwinix?

I came from the largest residential solar provider in the US – an organization with over 6,000 employees. I was their lead admin for Google Workspace and other enterprise tools. This led to invaluable hands-on experience with some really complex processes and systems. I loved it!

One of the things I liked the most about Cloudbakers/Qwinix was the opportunity to take those lessons learned and turn them into best practices we can share with our customers. I get to work with businesses in a variety of industries and verticals, and the feeling when you solve a problem they’ve had for months or years just can’t be beat.

In full transparency, though, it’s the people that really drew me here. Our team is awesome, and the culture here is incredible.  

What are you most passionate about in your role?

Something that’s incredibly important to me is the desire to make an impact. A core value of mine personally is making a positive difference in the world and in others’ lives. That is a major reason why I got into IT. There is so much complexity in the world, and any chance to simplify things is a win. 

I enjoy translating all of the complexity into layman's terms. There are so many IT acronyms and gobbledygook - no one wants to hear all of that. I love helping our partners and clients gain knowledge, insight, understanding, and confidence. You find that, once people pick up on what you’re talking about, there’s this incredible moment where it all makes sense, and it’s actually a lot of fun to see how it works: the process of taking overly complicated and frustrating models, and making them simple and workable again.

Are There Any Recent Trends You Are Seeing In Your Industry?

The IT industry moves at the speed of light in a normal year, and the pandemic took that change to the extreme. Many companies were forced to be fully virtual, fully remote, and their technology needed to be sufficient to sustain their workforce and operations. I am never one to badmouth my competition, but frankly, Microsoft has had a really challenging year with data breaches, hacks, and ransomware attacks. One of our customers who still relies on Microsoft for email and file sharing fell victim to the Kaseya attack – they were locked out from all of their data. They had to pull backups and start from scratch. All the while, all of their Google tools were left completely alone. That’s one of the many reasons I endorse the suite of Google Cloud products. Google Workspace provides immensely better tools built for collaboration, safety, and security, and you’re not vulnerable to traditional attacks.

The uptick in ransomware attacks in the last 6-12 months has been pretty dramatic.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Questions or Concerns You Get During Initial Discovery? 

Without a doubt, the single most important issue is a fear of change. And I get it, whenever you put a new tool or system in front of anyone, it’s daunting.

But that’s where Cloudbakers/Qwinix comes in. Our team gets in the trenches with our partners, from their IT team to leadership and everywhere in between. Because if everyone isn’t on board, it doesn’t work. 

We begin by educating them on the benefits of a drastically simplified IT solution, how to use it, and how to navigate the change.

Change management is such an important piece of what we do. We created a specific team designed just for that: our Change and Adoption Practice. To ensure a seamless adoption across the company, we design templated communications, conduct group training sessions, you name it. Anything to get the whole team on board. 

We want to ensure our customers’ employees are heard. Regardless of what role they play in the organization, they can rest assured they’ll have someone to lead them and help them navigate the uncharted waters of cloud migration and implementation.

And of course, in the end, there’s that moment that makes the whole process come together: the moment everyone can enjoy working again (if not enjoy it even more than they did before). 

Contact Cloudbakers/Qwinix For Your Business’s Cloud Migration And Implementation 

Where is your business in it’s cloud journey? If you think you could enjoy more simplicity, security, greater efficiency and more fun at work (remember fun?), contact Cloudbakers today!

Originally published on October 07, 2021

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