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Modernizing Your Infrastructure With GCP

Did you know that you can migrate and modernize workloads on Google Cloud's global, secure, and reliable infrastructure? The Google Cloud Platform offers over 90 products designed to make your IT infrastructure, data warehouse, and machine learning more efficient. Cloudbakers continues to see clients modernizing their monolithic applications, and leveraging microservices for improved agility in managing their computing infrastructure and increased velocity with respect to system releases

What can you modernize?

Replace Old Infrastructure

Facing end-of-life servers and ready to take advantage of the security, reliability and scalability of public cloud? Enter Compute Engine. Not quite sure if you’re ready? Moving VMs to the cloud can deliver compelling benefits, but the mechanics of data and workload migration may strain limited IT resources. Migrate for Compute Engine can help for those of you with existing VMware or AWS workloads.

Move & Improve

Public cloud is much more than VMs. In many situations, we encourage our clients to not only move to GCP but to modernize their architecture by leveraging managed services. Have you heard others talking about Kubernetes? (This awesome graphic novel-style explanation is a must-read if you are new to GKE).  Many different applications can be migrated and improved, and recently we helped a client with their on-prem PostgreSQL cluster.

Leverage the Scalability of Big Query

BigQuery allows you to run fast SQL queries in order to make intelligent business decisions. By moving your data to BigQuery, a low-cost enterprise data warehouse, you can turn your data into powerful insights through using the power of Google’s infrastructure. Additionally, G Suite users can take advantage of the Big Query Data Connector within Sheets, which allows you to analyze and share large datasets from BigQuery right from within your spreadsheet.

Partner With the Best for Success

Cloudbakers can guide you through every stage — from initial planning and assessment to migration and disaster recovery strategies — at your own pace. Here are a few of our favorite ways to help:

Figure out your cost savings

Build a map of your environment, including identifying undocumented and ghost workloads in AWS & VMware. CloudPhysics is a no-cost solution for our G Suite customers. This tool provides a detailed analysis showing costs and implementation details, plus adjustable parameters for fine-tuning and what-if analyses.

G Suite + GCP = Better Together

From analyzing text in Sheets to building a Hangouts Chat productivity tracker to adding Custom Intelligence in G Suite to tap the massive amount of data you have and nudge you based on signals of your choice using Cloud Functions, there are so many incredible ways to boost your G Suite experience. Even G Suite IT Admins can get in on the action with advanced DMARC analysis using parsedmarc and GCP Compute Engine (for less than $100/month).

Get Educated With Quick Start Workshops

Cloudbakers can help you secure free credits to experience GCP as your reseller – and we’ll provide 3 complimentary workshops to get you up to speed on GCP fundamentals:

  1. GCP Setup 
  2. Identity Access Management 
  3. What’s Next

In addition, there’s Cloud Sprint, an intensive, hands-on consultative workshop that accelerates a customer’s application migration to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The Cloud Sprint workshop covers 4 major stages: design, build, deploy, review. Cloudbakers partners with you and Google during this incredible 1-2 week engagement. It's the fastest way to transform the way you do business.

Originally published on February 17, 2020

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