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The Most Ignored Secrets for Transitioning to G Suite for your Business

Here are some of the many facets most people don't know (or forget) that show the value of using G Suite (previously known as Google for Work). There are lots more, but here are the ones that resonate most strongly with our customers:

More successful with G Suite versus desktop apps

A recent survey by Bettercloud.com reveals that 91% of G Suite users say their cloud apps are more successful than desktop apps. That same study showed that only 68% of Office 365 users said the same thing.

Get more work done using G Suite

That same survey reported 80% of G Suite users' productivity time is spent in G Suite while only 60% of Office 365 productivity time is spent in Office 365.

Use more cloud apps

Another statistic mentioned in the above survey is that the average G Suite user works in five different apps each day, while Office 365 users use only an average of three apps per day.

G Suite adopters see greater savings than Office 365 users

The graphic below shows the cost savings by each company size. Overall, companies saved 41% compared with only 27% savings for Office 365 companies.

IgnoredSecrets-ImageInsert-Graph.pngSource: Better Cloud

Increased productivity

According to an extensive report prepared by Forrester, they determined that a company will have an average 304% ROI when they switch to G Suite.

Automatic Change Tracking

As one or more people in each of the apps are doing work, G Suite will automatically keep track of changes. So if you want to go back to a previous version, choose “See Revision History” to find the desired version and restore it. The text is highlighted showing what changed since the last updated version. If you like the wording of a previous version simply select the text you like, then copy and paste it in the latest version. Or if you want to restore that whole document back to that version, click on the "restore this revision" button.

Continuous Backups

G Suite also makes sure you don't lose data if you temporarily lose connection or your workstation crashes. There’s no such thing as having to hit a ‘Save’ button.

Consistent User Experience Across All Devices

It is easy to continue working on your document whether you're on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You have the same functionality on each device.

Frequent Automatic Security Updates

With desktop applications, it's time-consuming to manage the program and security updates you need to keep your applications and device safe. It's especially challenging when some laptops are periodically disconnected from the company's network for extended periods of time. Being cloud-based, everyone gets the updates for new features and security at the same time with no hassles.

Ease of Sharing Documents

Rather than having to share a document one at a time with each team member via email, you store your documents in a shared directory. Now the whole team automatically can get to the latest content without any extra-required steps.

G Suite APIs

G Suite APIs lets your programmers access all of the data and run analyses or reports. This is an excellent way to track productivity.

Ease of Collaboration

Should you host a phone conference (or Hangout) to review one or more documents, each person can see the changes in real-time on their devices. No need to arrange for a separate screen-sharing service. Users can go to the document, immediately see the changes being made in real-time, see who is making the changes, and make changes themselves.

In-document Chatting

While collaborating, you can also chat with other users. This allows users to exchange ideas, without changing the document until everyone agrees on the changes.


Google has worked very hard to create easy-to use apps. Because of G Suite's UX, most users get started right away and can be productive within minutes. Research, and our own data tracking, shows that the companies with the highest user productivity use training to squeeze the maximum value from each feature set. Not just initial "getting to know the app" training, but ongoing training for more advanced features and capabilities.

And of course, much of the power of collaboration is getting agreement on such basic principles as: naming conventions, storage locations, and defining workflows. These also require training and communications to ensure follow through and each user's ability to find and interact with shared documents.

Easy-to-Use Shortcuts

Each G Suite app has a plethora of shortcuts. These help increase productivity and make it even easier to do many everyday tasks. To find a list of these, type into Google: [the app's name] shortcuts, e.g. Google Docs shortcuts, Google Slides shortcuts, etc.

Other G Suite Apps Make Things Easier

Google has some great apps that can help individual productivity as well as group collaboration. A couple of these are:

  • Google Keep – this is a note-taking tool and list builder you can use on any device. It's automatically synced, so each device has access to the latest information. It's also automatically backed up, so you won't lose your important lists and reminders. A handy feature of this app is transcribing text from images…what a time saver!
  • Google Forms – This app makes it so simple to create a form that will automatically insert submitted data into a Google Sheet. For example, if you wanted to have a team fill out essential data for each stage of a project: create a form, then create a spreadsheet for it, and finally make the form available in a shared directory for each member to fill-in whenever needed. You can also embed these forms in an email.

G Suite Marketplace has hundreds of other apps that integrate with it

These include apps in areas such as: accounting/finance, administration and management, ERP and Logistics, HR and legal, marketing and analytics, sales & CRM, productivity, creative tools, web development, office applications, task management, education, communications, and utilities.

Call Cloudbakers at (312) 448-7406 for a free planning session to see if moving to the cloud, and G Suite could improve your company's overall productivity and reduce costs. We also offer cloud migration consulting services that can help ease your current, or planned, move to the cloud.


Originally published on August 31, 2017

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