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New Year, New Office, Same Cloudbakers

When it comes to migrating data from one place to another, we know it like the back of our hands. Doing it day in and day out for hundreds of our clients has kept our expertise superb and we love the work we do. Migrating to the cloud is one thing, and migrating your physical office is another. We’ve been fortunate enough to grow our team and services enough in the last year, giving us no choice but to move and expand our offices, all thanks to our growing client base!

Regardless of the type of transition, it takes work, planning, and dedication. Our headquarters kicked off the new year last week in a brand new office space. Still in Chicago (Go Blackhawks!), we created an environment that feels more like home than ever before. From our colors and conference room names to the overall vibe of an open concept with lots of sunlight, Cloudbakers is settling right in.

As the planning began back in 2017, Mitch Greenwald, Cloudbakers Founder, narrowed all of our wants and needs down to four specific categories: This space needed to be...

  1. A place where Bakers want to come to work
  2. A place where clients feel comfortable to come meet
  3. A place where our partners enjoy collaborating
  4. A place where new recruits can feel empowered to interview us in return

Starting with these clear objectives, our internal moving committee had an easier time making decisions with a focused result. Part I: What details in the space would drive our own team to create a cultural hub that they could excel and find creativity in? Part II: How could we make sure to share that culture with those around us and encourage them to continuously engage?

Making an office space your own

Today’s innovative technologies make it possible to work from anywhere, and we give our employees the flexibility to do so. But offering that flexibility doesn’t mean the office environment should lack commitment or uniqueness.

Decorate with culture

Yoga in the new officeCulture isn’t just adding a ping pong table or hanging quotes around the office. It’s more about a vibe. It’s an atmosphere and feeling you get when you’re in that space. In helping us break in the office at the end of 2017, we held our full-team strategic planning session there. What better way to christen the space than working together on ways to make what we do and how we do it even better? We participated in a team yoga sessions in future desk spaces and tested out all of our new Google hardware for meetings, presenting, and collaborating.

Get input from the whole team

Another amazing way to get everyone involved in the move was getting ideas and opinions for naming conference rooms. How do you get all the data you need while keeping things simple? Google Forms. After a brainstorming round, and a couple voting rounds, we as a team agreed on several names including Camelot, The Shire, The Upside Down, Neverland, and the list goes on. Come visit us and experience all our new rooms!

Give employees what they need

Office2.jpgWhy is it easier for some people to work from home? There may be the occasional doctor or dentist appointment or the classic pet emergency. Sometimes, it’s just a hard day to physically travel to the office. But other times people choose their home offices because they have back-to-back external meetings where they simply want a quiet place to take calls and get as much other work as they can done in between without any distractions. Or they’re trying to record for a video and need absolute silence. Why can’t we recreate these environments in the workplace? We can! Complete with phone booths and a recording studio, the new Cloudbakers office has been perfectly tailored to fit the way we work on different projects. From room types to the technology in each room, we truly made it our own while giving our team even more flexibility. And now we want to share it – with you!

Sharing your culture with others

Whether it’s Clients, Partners, or new Baker Recruits, our culture isn’t something we feel like hiding. In the same way we created a space for our employees, we took the same mindset for people who we consider an extension of our team.

Camelot.jpgAdditional easy-to-get-to workspaces

With more conference rooms to work with and standing desks available to switch to, we have the extra space and tech devices for plenty of visitors. Not to mention, we have a coffee shop downstairs for “out of the office” inspiration, and the location itself has easy access to transportation and still close to the downtown loop.

Collaboration devices

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard us talk about Jamboard, but they’re in full swing at Cloudbakers Headquarters. These ‘whiteboards for the cloud’ help us collaborate both internally and externally. In addition, we have new Chrome for Meetings hardware in every conference room, which allows us to touch base, face-to-face, with those not in the office. Aside from these devices, moving the tech over was easy. It’s hard to imagine how different (and more difficult) this move would have been with servers.

SB-coffee-machine.pngTasteful choices

I almost forgot! Are you a coffee drinker? A hot chocolate enthusiast? To top it all off, we installed a brand new, state-of-the-art coffee machine, so that's a must-experience kitchen stop on the way in.

We’re excited to say the least. Our team worked hard to make this a great place to work, build relationships, be productive, and simply enjoy. So next time you’re in the area, please stop by!

Originally published on January 11, 2018

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