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A Note from Cloudbakers’ New CTO

Looking back, some of the best roles I’ve had throughout my career are the ones that started with a personal connection. I first met Mitch Greenwald and Cloudbakers from a tweet about seven years ago, when the company was still fairly new. We were both early adopters of tools to integrate best-of-breed cloud solutions and looking for partners. As it turned out, we were working around the corner from each other – quite a coincidence!

At the time, I was running operations and technology for a non-profit job training program called i.c.stars. Mitch immediately resonated with our mission and actively engaged Cloudbakers staff and partners in helping us. When Google launched Chrome for Meetings, the Cloudbakers team found a way to get two units donated to us, and helped set up and configure our conference rooms. For the first time ever, we were able to host board meetings with video and audio conferencing that was actually a good experience for our remote board members.

Building Relationships

Cloudbakers and I kept in regular contact, several members of the team participated in i.c.stars’ High Tea program, and last year I worked with the Director of Development, Alex Voorhees, to outsource to Cloudbakers the maintenance of i.c.stars’ back office systems – node.js integrations for CRM, Xero accounting, Gusto payroll, Freshbooks invoicing, Google calendar time tracking, Drupal ATS, Bill.com procurement, and Tallie expense tracking. In addition, we have been collaborating on a custom solution for MHA Labs to support youth summer job evaluations on a national scale.

I've spent the last 20 years in leadership roles in technology, starting with helping build a new service organization within Accenture where we grew from concept to over one hundred employees. While I still love to code, my passion lies in building client-facing organizations. I love to find and develop great people into leaders, particularly people who have taken a non-traditional path, and as a result have a strong sense of reciprocity with clients.

Why Cloudbakers & Why Now?

Cloudbakers is accelerating growth with an incredibly talented and loyal team. Mitch and the founding staff have successfully embodied 5 core traits that align us around the 'why' of our business. Everyone who interacts with our firm feels a sense of trust and warmth.

Speaking tactically, I'm geeking out on the following initiatives for my first 90 days;

  • Ensure we maintain our humanistic delivery approach & quality as we scale
  • Upgrade our dashboards to support client collaboration and improve communication
  • Incorporate frequent feedback from our 500+ clients to improve our value to them
  • Create collaborative estimating and planning tools to make it easy for clients to work with Cloudbakers
  • Integrate sales forecasting and resource planning to increase responsiveness for our clients
  • Develop pathways that support different career goals in terms of breadth, depth, and managerial aspirations of our staff

By leveraging the right tools, my plan to accomplish all of the above should be productive, efficient, and a testament to the benefits of integrated cloud applications. I could not be more excited to continue my Cloudbakers journey.

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Check out last week’s official press release here.

Originally published on September 08, 2017

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