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One Secret to Success is Listening to Your Clients

Good feedback leads to great products | GoogleIt’s no secret that Google is a metric driven company. As both a Google for Work Partner and customer, we constantly get inundated with requests for feedback on the partner program as well as the product itself. Due to Google’s data-driven approach on enhancements, we quite often see these requests appear in their products within three to six months after completing the feedback surveys. Today we have Drive for Work–proof that Google builds products based on what their customers want.

One of the more amazing things about Drive for Work, is the continuous innovation aspect of the product. Equally amazing, is that to use these innovations requires absolutely no effort on the enterprise’s (or the end users’) part. A great example of this type of innovation is the release next week of the new mobile app update for the IOS. (And just in case you’re wondering, yes, it also will cover the new iPhone 6’s!) The update will allow enterprises and their IT administrators to use the included Mobile Device Management (MDM) feature of ‘Drive for Work’ to secure Apple devices similarly to how Android devices are currently managed.

Not to be outdone by Google, Cloudbakers also has been known to listen well to what their clients are saying. Here is one of my favorite conversations with a client of ours:

When the CEO of the organization asked the SVP of IT during a strategy session, “What can you do for us this year, like you did for us last year with Google?” his response was simply, “use more Google!”

We come across this same situation over and over again. The initial implementation of the Drive for Work platform allows our clients to “work better. together”, but they are still only using a fraction of the potential. In order to fully utilize the platform, it’s important to stay up-to-date on all the innovations that Google constantly releases to the product. To make this easier for our clients, Cloudbakers now offers its internationally recognized Change Management Program on a continuous basis. This Continuous Business Transformation (CBT) program is offered in three tiers:

  • Ground Tier: includes training program, ‘New Features’ webinar, and ongoing technical support

  • Launch Tier: includes the entire Ground tier as well as intranet site development and ongoing admin training

  • Orbit Tier: includes everything in the Launch tier, plus two strategic adoption meetings per year with yours truly and two technical environment reviews per year to make sure your configuration is optimal for your business

Want to learn about more of the specifics? Click here to see what all the Continuous Business Transformation program has to offer.

Keep Calm and Cloud On!

Originally published on September 12, 2014

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