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How To Schedule Meetings On-the-Go With Google Meet and Calendar

As the modern workspace evolves with the needs of our modern technological society, so must the way we connect to those workspaces. Google Meet acts as a virtual conference room and integrates seamlessly with any device including computers, tablets, and phones. Usually part of G Suite, but now also available separately, Google Meet allows us to stay connected with our colleagues regardless of the situation.

Have you ever been stuck in traffic with a scheduled meeting time looming? Instead of being late to the meeting, use Google Meet to join remotely. 

Scheduling Meets Using Google Calendar

When you create an event for work in Google Calendar (or create an event for a shared personal space) and invite another person, Google automatically adds a Google Meet conference link into the Calendar invite. 

This automatically-generated Meet link can be joined via any telephone, computer, or device with a microphone and/or speakers, using either the link or calling into the telephone number and using the PIN provided.

For those last-minute meetings...let’s say you don’t have a specified calendar event, but you need to get on a call quickly and share your screen. You have two more options: 1) It’s easy to navigate to https://meet.google.com/_meet and start a meeting directly from this home screen. 2) Head to your Gmail Inbox to find your "Join a meeting" or "Start a meeting" options. With both options, you can add attendees manually or chat the Meet URL to your colleague(s) for easy access.

Assign Physical or Virtual Rooms to Your Google Meet

Once you create an event, you may use the virtual conference link assigned or you can assign a physical room to your event. (Keep in mind for physical rooms, your account needs to be part of an organization that has Rooms set up.) Here's what this looks like on your computer:

Join A Google Meet

Here's a quick gif to show how you would enter this meeting from your phone:

Joining Meet from Mobile


Never miss a meeting again with Google Meet. Instead of being late or missing critical discussions due to your on-the-go daily routine, now you can simply join from anywhere on any device! For even more information, check out the G Suite Learning Center.

Bonus: We've made a Google Meet Cheat Sheet that you can share with you staff!

Originally published on May 01, 2020

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