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Teach Yourself To Be A Zoho Power User (Here’s 3 Gifs To Help Out)

In my last post, '5 Gifs to Self-Improve Your Efficiency in Zoho CRM', I provided a few quick tips on managing your leads and opportunities in Zoho. I’m sure you’ve conquered those tasks and built up each habit to becoming second nature, but it’s all about growth and continuing to master your craft. Here’s another three ways to help you become Zoho CRM power user and sales machine.

1. “Check-in” on stale deals

While the typical, “Hey just checking in” email is important, so is the capability to easily review what deals haven’t had any activity in recent history. Here is a quick way to view all of your stale deals and decide how to best approach your next activity to reignite the fire!

How to easily check in on stale deals in CRM


2. Mass complete your activities

You’ve forgotten to update all of the activities that were completed in the last day (or week). We’re all guilty of it. Here’s how to select all of the activities that you’ve forgotten to check off and mass complete them – the quickest way to go from zero to hero in the CRM activity realm. (This realm doesn’t really exist...but you know how great it feels to complete a task? Now do it 15 times with the click of a button!)

How to mass complete activities in CRM


3. Mass convert leads that belong to the same organization

We’ve all been through the monotonous process of working with several leads from the same organization and forcing ourselves to convert one lead at a time – from leads, to contacts and accounts. It’s awful. Here’s a quick way to mass convert your leads without messing up your organization's account database (or yours for that matter).

How to mass convert leads in CRM

Organization of your information is the key to success! Reach out to Cloudbakers if you're in need of CRM configuration or start a free Zoho trial here.

Originally published on December 12, 2017

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