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The C3 Unified Collaboration Platform (Part 1)

It’s difficult to provide someone with a vision. As such, get ready for a 3-part post!

C3 Unified Collaboration Platform Part 1 | Cloudbakers

The world is a beautiful, yet busy place. Busy may even be an understatement--today's businesses are faced with constant challenges and fast-paced changes. To keep up, things need to work. Systems need to be smooth and highly functional. Applications need to work well with each other. Platforms need to be unified

At Cloudbakers we try to make this a reality for our clients. That being said, when we speak with businesses, one of the most common questions we're asked is, “Why bother changing if I am happy with my current setup?” This comes up all the time. And while responses such as “The setup we’re offering is way better” or “You will be so much happier this way” beg to be spoken, they don’t provide the necessary vision. People need to see it to believe it; they need to understand what a Unified Collaboration Platform really is. Only then will they realize that it’s “way better.”


The purpose of this series is two-fold. To start, we’ve put together an at-a-glance infographic that maps out how a Unified Collaboration Platform works. This will be included in each post for reference, as well as a stable version here if you would like to download a copy and/or share it. We’ve included the best products we know of, tried & tested by Cloudbakers for years now. The goal here is to better provide you with a practical vision for how your business could operate.

The second goal is to provide you with a comprehensive, all-in-one learning guide. We’re going to explain all the products involved and provide links to relevant resources so you can learn more about each. We’re going to explain how these products interact together, and the awesomeness that is created from these interactions. We’re going to do our best to provide you with a vision.

Check out the infographic, read every word, skim for highlights, read none of it--do whatever you want! In the end it’s your learning journey, we’re just here to help.

Note: these posts are product-focused. If you want more of a solution-focused angle that takes a bit of a different approach, check out Mitch’s post about the Cloudbakers 3-Step Model.

Call, Collaborate, & Close. Together, as a team, seamlessly.

The Cloudbakers C3 Unified Collaboration Platform

Cloudbakers C3 Unified Collaboration Platform

Products Shown

Without making this post any longer than it has to be, I’ll explain a little bit about each component in the graphic shown above. Check out the links for more information on each, and, as always, don't hesitate to contact us with questions about any or all of the products.

Call: Voice & Chat


As advanced and fast-paced as email has become, it still isn’t the go-to for quick internal messaging. Chat applications have quickly filled this domain, Slack being an industry leader. Slack allows you to chat one-on-one, in groups (unlimited users), or in channels, with customizable notification settings for each. It also has incredible embedding capabilities, making the sharing of any type of file a piece of cake. I could go on forever about the numerous other nifty features involved (order an Uber from your desktop!), but you really have to try it to understand how cool it is. So far, we love it.

Dialpad (formerly Switch.co)

You have probably heard about Dialpad, the cloud based phone system that is changing work phones for the better. If you haven’t, we have a lot of content available that explains Dialpad in detail. Bottom line: traditional phone systems are a thing of the past. Dialpad was born in the cloud and specifically made to integrate with other cloud platforms, opening the doors for an incredible user experience. We’ll talk about these integrations a bit later on, but for now check out our ebooks linked above.


Just as Dialpad revolutionized the work phone, they quickly thereafter changed the conference call game entirely. Again, we have great content explaining Uberconference as well, so I won’t over do it with detail here. Bottom line: conference calls should not be a pain. They should be easy & efficient, and with UberConference they truly are. Numerous features set UberConference calls apart from other conference calls, such as screen-sharing, dial-out, and more.

That covers the Call portion of the platform, and it’s all for this post! Hopefully that gives you enough to work with for now. Check out the linked resources!

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for Parts 2 & 3, in which we’ll cover the products incorporated in the Collaborate and Close portions of the platform (2), as well as the juicy integrations between each product (3). 

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Originally published on April 18, 2016

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