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The Google Apps Directory Sync is Bigger and Better Than Ever [Update]

New update for GADS (Google Apps Directory Sync)If you're a Google Apps admin, you already know of all the great updates that Google releases on a constant basis. These new features make your end users happy and your executive team happy. Well here's an update just for you!

Google recently released the newest version, 4.0.1, of Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS), bringing with it not only a change of major version number, but a whole new method for provisioning users. Previous versions of GADS used Google’s Provisioning and Profile Data APIs to create user accounts, however, since those have been deprecated, the new Directory API is taking its place.

ImportantDate-1What this means for admins is that prior versions of GADS will discontinue working on April 20th, 2015. You’ll need to upgrade your current install to the latest in order to continue to keep your Active Directory or LDAP in sync with Google Apps.

Some of the additional enhancements to the latest version of GADS include the ability to exclude users on Google Apps based on Google Org. This makes it much easier to have users who exist only on Google Apps without explicitly excluding each user from the sync. Maybe your company uses remote contractors who only need access to your company’s Google Apps. Place them in their own excluded Google Org and now you can change them dynamically without having to edit your sync rules every time someone gets hired.

Another important change is that now Google Apps admin authentication will only support OAuth. This means previous versions of GADS that had been logged in using the admin’s username and password will cease to connect to the Google Apps domain.

Additionally, changes have been made to the notifications section, which now gives you the ability to send email notifications using SMTP with TLS. This now lets you send the GADS sync report to any email in the world, and not just internal users on your domain.

To update to the latest release of GADS, go to the directory where it was installed, and launch the “checkforupdate.exe” application. The latest version will be downloaded, and will automatically replace the previous version. Simply open your config file, verify that everything is correct, and resave it.

Click here to check out the change log for GADS and read the full list of new features in v4.0.1.

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Originally published on October 09, 2014

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