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The Human Side of the Cloud

Change-management-Google-Apps-transitionMoving to the cloud is bound to involve several technical aspects, but many people might be thinking ‘what about me’, the user? Often times users can be left out of the equation when an organization evaluates their need for the cloud. The company focuses on ROI, IRR, SaaS, and a plethora of other acronyms that may not have quite made it into the user’s English vocabulary yet. What you care about is your daily productivity, and how the cloud will help improve that.

Throughout the transition to the cloud, it’s essential to have users at the forefront of the project while making sure that the technical side works for them they way it needs to. At Cloudbakers, we believe that a well-planned Change Management system is the key to success.

What is change management? 

We believe change management is defined as purposeful actions taken to prioritize and understand the changes that an organization will face throughout the lifetime of a project. With any change comes resistance, but the key to minimizing that resistance can be found in three easy steps:

1. Plan ahead

The first step to implementing any successful change management initiative is to start early. Once a project has begun, planning time is over, and projects can quickly become overwhelming. Without a plan in place, your team will not be able to accurately gauge progress or react to a rapidly changing situation.

Shoes-cloud-computing-change-management2. Put yourself in the user’s shoes

How will this affect your employees? Are you implementing an interface that’s different from what they’re used to? Adjusting to the change will take time and effort, and users may become frustrated. Even the best program in the world takes time to learn and become familiar with.

3. Expect the unexpected

Questions and issues will always arise that will be outside the realm of your expectations. Even the best laid plans can go to waste if you become frustrated with your users. The transition is new and exciting, but also new and confusing to some. Be open to all questions, and keep in mind that your users are your #1 priority. Without your help, their chances of rejecting the system increase exponentially.

Following these three steps will keep your employees up to speed throughout the project and guarantee that no one gets left behind.  Change Management is the key to making your migration a successful one.

Originally published on June 06, 2013

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