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The Modern Cloud Value Proposition: Application Development for Maximum Success

Simple Numbers App Dev Project

When I started Cloudbakers exactly 6 years ago, I got a lot of "Huh? Are you crazy?" "What is the cloud?" and "Doesn’t that take a lot of money?"

Now that we have over 500 clients, we get a lot of different responses. For the most part, no one thinks I'm crazy, especially not the clients whose businesses we have helped grow so much. A great example of such a client is Simple Numbers. Crabtree, Rowe and Berger came to us in need; the development of their profit tool was not going as planned and was costing them a fortune. 

So what did we do? We leveraged the cloud's capacity to generate new revenue streams, improve operations, and deliver value. We put our Custom Application Development team to work. We helped develop a powerful, (now) cloud-based profit tool. And we turned a business project into a healthy relationship through our focus on change management and our dedication to bringing the human element to technology.

Simple Numbers provides great value to their mid-market clients by offering them unique insights into their business. This is done via a customized reporting and CFO level consulting offering. Originally, they productized their offering into an add-on for Quicken. Developing this add-on was expensive. Deploying and maintaining this add-on was time-consuming, clumsy, and error-prone. They needed a new game plan that was going to be both effective and cost efficient.

When Simple Numbers and Cloudbakers partnered up it opened the doors to leveraging cloud application development. The Bakers came up with a method to deliver this solution at 25% of the cost for the initial add-on. The new solution integrates with cloud based accounting software, Xero (and soon to be Quickbooks), and was developed in a format that allows for further integrations down the road if necessary. After all, integrations are what make cloud technologies so valuable.

On the user end, this cloud based experience is much more pleasant for their customers due to the easy setup, the near real-time data, and ability to access the reports from any device, anywhere and at anytime. The improved experience frees the Simple Numbers team to focus on the value they provide instead of the technology.

If you'd like to learn more about Cloudbakers' Application Development process in action, be sure to check out our recent webinar. We cover the Simple Numbers project as an App Dev case study, and show how you can leverage cloud based development to make similar gains. We also explain the tool itself and why Simple Numbers has been such important value add for so many businesses. 

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Originally published on July 05, 2016

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