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The Secret to Staying Organized

Towards the end of 2013, our founder, Mitch, asked if I could come up with a presentation to share my secret to staying organized. Like he had said that day, it might be difficult to teach because it’s something that comes naturally.  Agreeing with him right off the bat and knowing that organizing could potentially sit on my list of personal hobbies, I was interested to really think about how I keep track of my responsibilities in and out of the office.

Growing up, I was obsessed with my assignment notebook. Detailed, neat, and color-coded, a day didn’t pass by that I went without checking up on my lists. It didn’t matter if it was schoolwork, sports practice, or a birthday card that I had to finish, everything was in that book and it never left my side.

It probably wasn’t until after college that I said goodbye to the paper and pen method and hello to technology note-taking. Evernote was the first to become my reliable diary...and then Google Keep showed up.

Why do I like Google Keep?

It’s the simplest solution. I take notes because I need a place to quickly jot down my thoughts. I don’t necessarily need a tool that takes me longer to operate and export my notes than it does to create the content in them.

It lets me stick to my color-coding roots. I have a color for personal notes like groceries and craft ideas, a color for my work tasks, one for specific meetings, and one for ideas I have for the future. Visual aspects are ideal for staying organized, not to mention they make this tool pleasing to the eyes.

It streamlines my everyday process. I work in the cloud and specifically prefer to work in the Chrome browser. I use Gmail, have meetings over Google Hangout and wrote this blog post in Google Docs, which automatically saved to my Google Drive. As a matter of fact, it’s the same Google Drive that my notes are stored in (no setup required).

So there you have it. Google Keep: just another part of the Google Platform that allows you to work the way you live.

Google Apps for Business

Originally published on January 30, 2014

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