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The Ultimate Guide to the Google Cloud Platform: Google Apps for Business, App Engine & Compute Engine

Google Cloud Platform | Google Apps for Business, Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine

The Google Apps ecosystem is not only powerful but also growing! Search, Maps, and Chrome are just some of the many Google products used everyday. The most recent addition is a video conferencing tool for business: Chromebox for meetings. Businesses all around the world use Google Apps to power their business whether it be Google Docs to collaborate on a proposal or Google Chat to ping their co-workers about lunch. Since Google has over 100 products, I am going to break down three products that are used every day by Cloudbakers, Google, and other people all over the world: Google Apps for Business, Google Compute Engine, and Google App Engine.

Google Apps For Business

The tools in Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business is a full-feature set of collaboration and communication tools for businesses. Gmail is the cornerstone of the platform allowing users to quickly and easily navigate the user interface and take advantage of what Google does so well: Search. With Gmail, users can search their inbox using the same powerful search engine that powers Google’s web search. Among the other Apps are Google Drive, Docs, Hangouts and more. Google Docs make it easy to collaborate with coworkers on everything ranging from documents to expense reports, to presentation slides. Editing these files can be done by multiple people at the same time, from anywhere. Going one step further, you can bring these documents right into a video conference call with Google Hangouts. At the end of the day, Google Apps for Business provides a cloud based, collaborative, and easy to use solution for businesses looking to increase productivity and decrease headaches and downtime!

Google App Engine

Google App Engine is one of the main offerings of Google’s Cloud Platform. App Google App EngineEngine was one of the first Platforms as a Service (PaaS) offerings in the market. It allows developers to quickly and efficiently develop and deploy applications. App Engine supports a myriad of programming languages that should suit most developers’ needs. With App Engine, developers no longer have to worry about scaling their applications or site for a sudden spike of traffic. App Engine will automatically horizontally scale your application to handle more traffic! In addition, App Engine can be easily tied in with other Cloud Platform tools like CloudSQL or Datastore. Most applications can be hosted and run for free and even if you do incur charges, App Engine will definitely not break the bank. You only pay when your application is serving traffic or running processes. Even better, developers have options to A/B test with a click of a button or rollover to a new version.  Rovio, Kahn Academy, and Snapchat are just a few of headline grabbing companies embracing App Engine. Overall, Google App Engine provides a reliable, cost effective, and easy to code solution for developers looking to deploy their applications.

Google Compute Engine

Google Compute EngineIf Google App Engine’s default offerings do not satisfy your development needs, Google Compute Engine is your solution. Compute Engine is Google’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution in their Cloud Platform offerings. Much like App Engine and Google Apps for Business, Compute Engine follows the philosophy of only paying for what you use. Also, billing is charged by 10 minute increments, not rounded up to an hour like other IaaS options in the market. Developers have the ability to spin up more virtual machines in different regions to meet your individual traffic needs. Additionally, if you want to control your storage or development language a little more than with App Engine, Compute Engine allows you to deploy any solution you want! MongoDB, Redis, or Node.js can easily be rolled out for your application needs. Compute Engine is a great solution for developers looking to have more options with their application but not give up performance or increase their cost.

Google Apps for Business, App Engine, and Compute Engine are all pillars in Google’s product offerings. Even though they might serve different audiences, they represent Google’s commitment to enhancing every product they provide. Google is always keeping the customer on the cutting edge, by incorporating their existing technology into new and existing products. Google is great at Search so they integrated it into Gmail. Google can serve billions of requests a day so they incorporated their scaling solutions to other developers through App Engine and Compute Engine. I enjoy developing with App Engine, collaborating with Google Apps For Business, and feel safe knowing that Google has my back.

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Originally published on February 21, 2014

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