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Time Traveling Through the Best of Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications throughout historyIt’s not uncommon to hear people say, “can you believe how much technology has changed throughout the years?” When you take a step back from your day to day hustle and bustle, email-packed inbox, and applications that notify you at an instant rate, it really is amazing how far we’ve come. It’s difficult to truly stay up to date with every enterprise technology because the more savvy our developers get, the more personalized every piece of technology becomes to each industry, business, and user that touches it. When did this phenomenon begin and what can we expect years from now?

Ready to travel through time? Let’s walk through enterprise applications of the past, present, and future.


First, let’s take a step back in time to when the web and SaaS technologies were not yet part of everyone’s mainstream vocabulary. There were only a handful of big technology giants and enterprise applications were ‘boring’ to the average person. You used to have to procure your own servers to run the applications. You had to worry about installing patches and handle your own security if the application was supposed to be behind a firewall. Employees could only access the apps at work or through a VPN.

If they were custom-made, development was tedious and costly. Feature releases were slow and changes could sometimes take months to reach all of your users. For some companies, IT personnel would have to go around to each computer separately and physically install the applications. These programs were not user-focused, only ran on specific machines, and were often too complicated for employees to take full advantage of the features. Additionally, these applications were basically impossible for small businesses to adopt because of they were so expensive! The ideas existed, but there was still a long way to go.


Let’s now fast forward to today. Using SAAS products is as easy as clicking a button to install. It requires no upfront on-premise capital to use and is incredibly cost effective for every type of business. As a developer, we have access to a virtually unlimited amount of servers. When we develop products at Cloudbakers, our platform provides us an opportunity to easily build an app that is fast to scale. As a result of these technological advances, applications can now focus on the user, business logic, and productivity instead of unnecessary overhead spent on designing, deploying, and scaling the product. In the era of BYOD policies, it is vital that when designing an application, the user comes first. Here at Cloudbakers, we begin every project with a user-centric responsive design. It is becoming cheaper, easier, and faster for companies of any size to adopt cloud-based technologies. Whether that be your email, CRM, accounting, or custom applications, moving your business to the cloud is now possible.


What does the future look like for you and your company? To start, you’ll be almost entirely in the cloud. Employees will use numerous devices throughout their day to accomplish specific tasks. More and more technologies are becoming open and allowing developer access to their APIs and Data. Imagine a portal for your company that will blend all of your current applications and important data into one! Nonetheless, enterprises will live entirely on the web and the idea of being “offline” will not exist. Sound extreme? The good news is that we’re not that far away.

Want to find out how to catapult your company to the future with SaaS or custom applications? Reach out to Cloudbakers and we’ll work with you to innovate before your competitors do!

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Originally published on December 04, 2014

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