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Top Tips For Navigating Zoho CRM From Your Mobile Device

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Zoho CRM has a mobile component that should not be overlooked. If you are already using Zoho, you know that the desktop/browser version is fully loaded, but that it does require an internet connection. However, The iOS or Android mobile app for Zoho CRM works offline. Even if you do have connection, the mobile app gives you added flexibility while on the go. In order to easily transition from Zoho CRM for desktop to the mobile application, we have put together some of our favorite tips.


Make sure you have all records downloaded for the most complete picture.

Zoho SettingsWhen you login, your phone will sync data from your account, but if you have thousands of records, it might not get them all in an effort to save space on your phone. So, just go to each module, like Accounts, Leads, and Contacts and click on the settings gear icon. In the records section it will tell you how many records from that module are synced to your phone and allow you to force the rest of them if it is not 100% downloaded. This ensures that when you are searching for records on mobile, you will be searching through all of them. 

Zoho Mobile Records Downloaded


Find the records you want by controlling relevant search fields. 

In CRM for desktop, we like to use filters over search to find specific records, but in the mobile app, there aren’t filters (except custom filter views, see #4). Instead, to find people or account  information, you can use global search and its settings to get the results you seek. Within this search feature you can customize which field’s information is being searched through for each module by adding up to four search fields related to the module type. For example, if I am looking for an account that is named ABC Corp. and is located in Montana, I would want CRM mobile to be looking for accounts by Account Name and Billing State fields rather than just the name. This is especially true if I have many accounts with similar names.

Search fields are specific to each module, and are customized from the module specific settings. Go to the module (in the example that would be Accounts) and tap the settings gear icon, then set up to four fields that you want Zoho to look through when you are doing a global search. In the example I would select for the first fields, Account Name and for the second field Billing State. 

Zoho Mobile Search Fields


Customize what related information you can see about a record without having to open it.

A list of your contacts names is great, but what is even better is a list of your contacts with some contextual information. For example I cannot always remember what account my contact named Brenda Buyer belongs, so I want to be able to see both her name and her account name as I scroll the list on CRM mobile.

All I have to do is set up my Display Fields for each module. This is done in the settings area for each module, tap the gear icon. Then you are able to select up to 4 fields related to that module to display with the record. 

Zoho Mobile Display Fields


Create custom list views on your desktop to help yourself later when you are on your mobile. 

Filtering modules by criteria like you would on your computer is not available on the mobile app for Zoho CRM. Don’t stress, this sounds worse than it actually is. We have two great ways to work around this. The first is to leverage global search and customize fields that are being searched as we covered in Tip #2. The second, is to create custom list views that can be used on mobile devices.

This takes some foresight, since you will set these up on your computer for use later on your mobile. But, if you frequently filter for the same criteria, you can create that as a filtered list view.

As a reminder, custom list views are the options that come from the drop down menu above the filters column in each module on your desktop CRM. On mobile, the same set of options exists from the top drop down in each module. Learn more about setting up custom list views. 

Zoho Mobile Custom List Views

Don’t forget, mobile app features to check out!


Click-to-Dial: This one is going to knock your socks off if you do not have a softphone integration set up with your desktop CRM yet.

Zoho CRM’s mobile app will use your cell phone to place calls directly to the stored phone number for leads, accounts, or contacts. Bonus: it will log a record of the call for you! No need to copy and paste the number into your phone app or try to remember all 10 digits when dialing. Simply find any phone number in the record details tab, tap it, and click to dial.

Hands-free note taking

Take hands-free notes: You can be long winded without getting tech thumbs. 

The notes section of all records has a talk-to-text feature, so when you wrap up a call on the go, you can keep driving and dictate the thoughts you have into notes. Navigate to any record’s related tab, and tap the microphone icon to start dictating a note. Click the red button to start and stop the recording.

We hope this post gave you a few new tips and tools than you thought you had five minutes ago! To learn more about Zoho, take advantage of Cloudbakers' role-based trainings. We have a number of different tracks depending on your job function and responsibilities.


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Originally published on July 30, 2020

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