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Trust the Cloud: 3 Tips for Augmenting Your Comfort With Cloud Systems

Trust the Cloud | CloudbakersThere’s something beautifully satisfying about the sound of a lock. The smooth slide of a deadbolt on your front door, the beep of your car horn signalling a secure vehicle (often done twice, just to be sure), or the ever-gratifying resonation of a bank vault being shut (perhaps mostly in movies). Even the creaky click of an antique file cabinet being locked with a most rudimentary key ensures us that our files are safe. The physical act of locking something feels good.

Unfortunately, while they offer even more security, cloud systems can’t offer the same tangible signal that we are all so accustomed to. This can make some of us uneasy, as we are left trusting the inner workings of something we can’t see, hear, or feel. Our faith in rickety file cabinets is misplaced, however, and it's time we get comfortable in the cloud. Below are a 3 ways you can quell that anti-cloud anxiety.

  1. Talk to a Partner. Partners understand the difficulty of change and help you manage it. There are experts who know these systems inside and out (Cloudbakers could get you in touch with one of them). Be the one to reach out, and talk to someone who can explain to you, in detail, the security measures that are being taken to protect your data.

  1. Spend more time exploring the systems and reading material on them. If you're worried about accidentally sharing something private, orphaning an important document, or anything else related to user error, this is the solution. Take the time to learn the in’s and out’s of the different platforms you plan to use. Do this out of the office, where you can take your time and fiddle with anything you find. You’ll find that your anxiety decreases with as your familiarity increases.

  1. Do the math (start to separate yourself from a single backup method). A lot of people still rely on home-backup. While this is quite redundant with the numerous data protection products offered online, sometimes we can't get away from that sweet satisfaction of tangibleness. But let's think about it. One hard drive at home, versus hundreds of security specialists all over the planet. Which has a greater likelihood of protecting your data? Not to mention, a Time Machine harddrive backup doesn't do you any good when you're live-editing files that live in the cloud. 

The cloud movement isn’t slowing anytime soon. For those of us who obsess over privacy and security, the sooner we get comfortable, the better.

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Harry Crane | CloudbakersHarry Crane is a regular contributor to 'crumbs from the cloud'. With a background in psychology, Harry couples his people skills with his deep understanding of cloud services to find organizations the right solution for their IT and business needs.
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Originally published on October 26, 2015

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