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Turning Email Into a Competitive Advantage

How do you keep your competitive advantage? Some companies do so by hiring a diverse workforce, others focus on what they do best. What if something as simple as your email could create a competitive advantage for your company? These solutions allow you to work more collaboratively, and give you the time you need to focus on that which you excel in. Ask yourself the following questions and turn your email into a competitive advantage.

Email-SearchDoes your email system allow you to work the way you naturally work or does your email system dictate the way you work?

For example, think about the way you locate email messages in your inbox. Are you inclined to file multiple copies of emails into folder structures? Do you have a search option that allows you to keep all messages in a single inbox? Your email should provide you with both. In addition, you should be able to decide for yourself what emails are important to you and filter the rest.

How does your email system enable teamwork?

Some people admit that the easiest way to communicate with their team members is through email. But wait, there’s an even simpler way. One click of a button should allow you to chat with that same group of people in a more fluid fashion, while never having to leave your inbox. It should then be just as easy to enter a video conference call to discuss a topic more in-depth.  Communication should never be inhibited by technology. Instead, it should be as seamless as talking to your team in person.

Do documents and email play together well?

Your email system should let you call the shots. Whether you like to attach documents to your email or prefer to reference them with a link, the decision should be left up to you. Where are you storing those documents? An ideal email system has file storage capabilities and allows you to search for documents and email simultaneously. The more efficient your email system is, the more productive that makes you and your team.

device-freedomDo you read most of your email on a mobile device and want the same experience across all devices?

Today it’s possible to work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.  Your email system should not only allow you to choose whether you want to work from a computer, tablet, or phone, but it should offer you the same enjoyable experience on each.

Does your email provide a broader platform for innovation?

The best email platform is one that can be easily integrated with your other business systems, such as CRM and phone systems through an easy to use and open interface. This will allow your mid-market business to streamline processes, make tedious tasks easier (if not eliminate them altogether) and not let critical information fall between the cracks. In an ever-changing business environment, your technology should be just as agile as you are so that your success is inevitable.

By using an email platform that includes all of these capabilities, you provide your business with the tools needed to create a solid competitive advantage. This might mean keeping your business at the forefront of technology, or simply creating more time and saving more money to spend on what makes you unique and to add value to your business. To discuss more about how your email platform can work for you, please reach out to us.

Originally published on December 19, 2013

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