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Just When You Thought Gmail Couldn’t Get Any Better – The New Gmail Rocks!

This isn’t the first time you’ve heard us refer to Google’s pace of innovation, and I’m certain it won’t be the last. Google recently released it’s biggest overhaul of Gmail web in its history, and after only a week into using it I already can’t imagine life without it.

The new productivity enhancements are allowing our team to do more of what they want to be doing, spending time with clients. At Cloudbakers, we live in Gmail, responding to and sharing information with our clients and people who want to become clients. Now, we can easily add tasks to our todo lists, take notes or brainstorm in Google Keep, and check in on our daily calendar all in our Gmail inboxes. Being equipped with these tools helps me and my team manage time better than ever without missing critical next steps or information.

More specifically, this is what I love about the new enhancements:

More Productivity, Less Clicking

My old Gmail seemed efficient compared to other programs I’d used… until now. This new Gmail presents more of the features I use most with fewer clicks to get there – it even suggests response choices to allow one-click replies.

  • Type “+” and someone’s name in the body of your email and they’ll automatically be added to the “To” section of your header. This is ideal for not only eliminating the need to click into another section of your compose message box, but it helps keep you focused on the purpose of the message and who exactly it’s for and relevant to.
  • See – and open! – attachments right from your main inbox list without even opening the email. By selecting the “Default” display density, you’ll be able to click right into the document being shared with you.
  • Access applications such as Calendar, Tasks, and Keep directly from icons next to your inbox and viewing pane. This opens side-by-side panes where you can record what you need without losing sight of the email. You can also install new (or custom-build your own) apps from the G Suite Marketplace store.

Better Task Management

Not only are the Task, Calendar, and Keep Notes apps easily accessible, but there are also some exciting new performance features built within.

  • Drag-and-drop emails straight from your inbox to your Task list. Later, you can open the task and click the mail link to view the full email – without having to find it again in your inbox.
  • Set your Task items to automatically show up in your Calendar. This simple integration helps you keep all your timely reminders in one place, the Calendar.

And if Google’s AI thinks you’re missing something important, Gmail will proactively place a nudge in your inbox. This is a simple reminder that you might want to take another look.

Declutter Your Inbox

The new Gmail makes decluttering your inbox easier than ever before. An organized inbox is what allows me to focus on what matters most.

  • Hover over any email in your inbox and four quick access icons appear: Archive, Delete, Mark as Unread, and Snooze.
  • Snooze emails so they vanish now and reappear when you need them. With snooze, you tell each email when you want to see it back in your inbox. The standard “Pick a date & time” feature gives you virtually unlimited choices.
  • Keep Notes lets you record the important bits from an email so you can delete the rest. Clear your inbox without losing any important data you want to remember for later.

Additional Security

While maybe not the most fun features (unless you’re on the Cybersecurity team), there’s no question the new security measures are some of Gmail’s most important.

  • Confidential mode lets you determine what’s allowable for any highly sensitive emails you send. You can block the recipient from forwarding, downloading, or printing confidential emails. You can even set authentications, requiring them to verify a text message before being allowed to open it.
  • A big, bold red warning makes it impossible to miss risky emails. Google’s AI will highlight any suspected spam, phishing, and malware threats right in your inbox.
  • Spam can be deleted and the sources blocked with a single click. No need to open the message and try to find the tiny little text to unsubscribe yourself (which often doesn’t work anyway).

What surprises me most is that all these big changes can be made to add productivity to our lives, and yet there’s such a small (almost no) learning curve to be able to take advantage of them. As these tools are continuously updated, it’s never causing any downtime to current users. Google cleverly designs them to only enhance their customers’ processes going forward. So, update your settings and enjoy some free time, on Google!

Reading posts like these and keeping up with G Suite’s Learning Center and YouTube channels is a great way for users to stay up-to-date with the latest productivity enhancements. If you’re looking for something more curated and quick to access, talk to us about Cloudbakers’ CLaaS Program (Continuous Learning as a Service). We want to support leaders like you!

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Originally published on May 05, 2018

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