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Why Change Management and Executive Buy-in Matters When Going Google

Two-types-of-Google-Apps-ProjectsThe Deployment team here at Cloudbakers has a saying about rollouts: “The only two types of projects we deliver are successful and very successful”. The difference between these two projects can simply be boiled down to executive buy-in and delivery of change management.

There are plenty of people who would likely oppose this assertion, pointing to the products released or vendor support as the key factors in any rollout. Although these too can be factors, there are greater issues to keep in mind. If you’ve chosen a sub par product or a lackluster partner to work with, your rollout is going to fail regardless.

Fortunately, here at Cloudbakers, that’s not an issue. We have a highly motivated team and represent one of, if not the most reliable products in the current technology market. What is not in our control however, is the level of executive participation in project rollouts. We realize that metaphorically, it is the job of these key executives to “steer the ship, opposed to hoisting the sails”. Because of that, we handle the majority of the Change Management for you:

1-Google-Apps-training-websiteWe construct a custom Google Apps Training Website for your organization. This website is home to a plethora of fun facts, documentation, and Google Apps related videos. It is designed to be the initial landing spot for your general end users, help desk reps, and administrative assistants; ideally sparing the technical staff a flood of simple questions.

2-custom-email-campaign-for-Google-AppsWe create a custom email campaign, complete with a communications template for timely distribution. Depending on the size of your organization and perspective Go Live timeline, our Deployment team will construct a series of emails ranging from 3-12 correspondences and queue them up for you to deliver.

3-Google-Apps-traingingWe train your end users! Why should your project team allocate time learning correct terminology, creating a training plan, and delivering multiple sessions when they will only train a few times? We offer a 90 minute training session that will keep your users fully engaged while soaking up knowledge about a crisp new email platform.

4-Google-apps-deployment-specialists-onsite-for-Google-Apps-Go-liveCloudbakers is on-site for Go Live! While we pride ourselves on “day one productivity” and a quiet rollout, we also make sure we are available to put out any fires that spark up. You may not have all the answers about Google, but fortunately we do, so let us shoulder the load.

After hearing that, you’re probably asking yourself, “what is left for my team to do with Change Management?” To make your project one of the very successful ones, there are only a couple of things we request from executives:

Google-Apps-Success1) Become a Google Champion!

Love the product you are providing to your end users. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the excitement spreads.

2) Distribute the Change Management emails.

Emails about the rollout mean much more to your users when it comes from you, rather than us (even though we do have a fun name).

3) Introduce the Deployment Team at the trainings.

Users are much more engaged from the start when an executive says a few words at the beginning of a training.

Easy enough right? Help us help you. You steer the ship and we will make sure you end up in the clouds!

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Originally published on November 21, 2013

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