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Why I Am Free From Fear This Halloween Season

Spooky Skeleton & Technology ScaresThere’s an apartment that I pass everyday on the first floor of my building that has the most horrific skeleton staring at me through the window. It was there well before the Fall season, so I can’t tell if it’s a year-round decoration or if it was an early start to Halloween festivities. Regardless, it makes me want to take the longer route around the other side of my building. It’s not efficient for me, but I’m willing to take the detour.

This circumstance reminded me of a lot of conversations I’ve had over the last few years with leaders, whether in the IT department or on the business side of their organization. When I first became interested in this industry, cloud technology scared people. They were scared of security, of reliability, of access, and change – so they took a detour.

They stuck with the old way of doing things and didn’t get to take advantage of mobility, of scalability, and all the other amazing transformations that these systems have allowed us to do.

Luckily most of those people have now made the transition to cloud, but plenty are still out there...picking one by one through their folders for a certain email chain, and waiting on conference lines for the person on the other end to figure out the PIN number for the call. If you’re someone who is waiting for the right capability to come along so you can ditch the detours and take a leap to the faster way of work, I’ve picked out four things that used to scare me as an end user, but don’t anymore.

Scare #1: Space limitations
I save a ridiculous amount of of high quality images, webinar footage, pdfs and other random files that I think will help spark new ideas in the future if I need them. Even with additional storage, my computer was hitting its limit way too often, and I was deleting content that I wasn’t really done working with, so I started moving files to Google Drive to clear up space. I was waiting for the day when that was going to give me an alert as well: NO MORE SPACE!

No fear here: When G Suite Business (former Apps Unlimited) came out I was golden. “Never hit quotas again” was music to my ears. I keep all my raw video footage organized there until I need to use it for editing. I keep Adobe files, .gifs, .jpegs, .pngs, event Microsoft Powerpoints, Excel Sheets, etc. in the same place where all my native Google files live. I love it.

Scare #2: Being alone
Stuck working on documents and presentations without any collaboration or help can sometimes be a challenge and often a great waste of time. But let's compare this solitude to walking home alone at night. If something happens to me (abduction for example), I don’t have anyone there to save me. Likewise, if I loose a file or my document gets deleted for some reason, I have no way of getting my work back.

No fear here: Having the ability to collaborate in real time using G Suite, means that the work I'm doing is constantly being saved. There's no such thing as pressing a 'Save' button. It's done for me automatically (thanks to Google), so I will never lose my work. From a productivity standpoint, I get more done in less time. By collaborating with multiple people at once, I eliminate having to make an updated version every time I aquire new information from another team member.

Scare #3: Loss of personal data
If I get business email on my cell phone, and for some reason I leave the company, I have to wipe my entire phone (even the personal text messages and pictures I’ve taken).

No fear here: With advanced Android and iOS controls, your company has the ability to only remove the company profile and associated data from your phone, leaving your personal photos and contacts intact. The ability to wipe the whole phone is still available for use in cases of loss or theft, but now Google adds more tools to the toolbox.

Scare #4: Masks
Whether it’s a clown or some other beast, masks scare people. For me, though, it wasn’t the actual mask that scared me as a kid, it was not knowing what was behind it. Uncertainty is what's scary especially when it's your data on the line.

No fear here: Google is transparent. They're open about their policies, not to mention they have an extremely straight-forward pricing model, user-friendly admin interface, and understandable communication. Check out Google's Transparency Report here, and see the ultimate transparency resource below.

These points and more often contribute to FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) around the cloud. And this FUD exists in the minds of admins and end users alike. If a migration to cloud is an initiative in your future, how do you effectively and accurately share information like this with your team and end users? Change Management. Partners like Cloudbakers, have a proven change management process that will allow your entire organization to understand the impact of digital transformation, as well as how to use the platform to ensure the most productivity possible.

Google Security | Frequently Asked Questions

Originally published on October 31, 2016

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