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Why Working from Your Phone Pays Off

Using Google Apps for Business allows you to work at anytime, from anywhere, and on any device. Today’s technology makes it possible to work the way you live by not being confined within the walls of your office (or your work computer). We’ve learned from experience that some of the best ideas come to mind when you’re taking part in something completely unrelated to work. For us, it’s usually over a competitive ping pong or foosball game. For others, the vision might arise during a round of golf or standing in line for lunch.

Whatever that other activity is, are you equipped with the technology needed to jot down those ideas on the spot? Or right afterwards, get back to your car and quick write an email to a colleague? If you can only access your work documents on your desktop computer, it’s not good enough to keep up with today’s high expectations.

Most businesspeople can at least access everything from their laptops, but sometimes even laptops are difficult to transport. I think it’s safe to say that no matter who you run into these days, they are bound to have with them: their wallet and _______________. Guess.

BYOD, made possible by Google Apps for Work

Answer: Phone

Cellular devices have become our all-in-one communication form.  On a personal cell phone, I can easily send an email, update my grocery list, chat a friend, make a reservation, and the list goes on. Why deprive your employees of those capabilities at work? People can navigate their phones better than any other device and complete a task in a fraction of the time. Why not take advantage of that skill your employees already embrace and use the saved time to devote to bigger and better projects? Nominate your company for an award. Reach out to old clients that you haven’t been able to keep in touch with. Open up new avenues within your business.

We call this scenario BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

Google Apps for Business makes it a reality for me to check my email, send out calendar invites to my team, update spreadsheets, and Hangout on a video conference call to attend a meeting miles away.

Certain situations call for certain measures. Just because my job allows me to use my personal devices, I still prefer to use my work laptop most of the time. Having the option to use my phone or not, though, helps me take advantage of all my time, not just when I’m sitting in the office. In reality, I am able to get through most of my emails before I even arrive at work. Now that’s productivity!


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Originally published on September 04, 2013

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