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Why You Should Attend a Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience

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Getting a grip on new technology and its features should be a simple, straightforward task. Instead, it normally comes with having to dig through a large amount of written instructions to pinpoint the one detail you need to get the job done, or navigating back-and-forth through a YouTube video who will not respond to you if you try to ask questions. There has to exist some easy, fun way to learn about the newest products, right?

Enter the Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) - a highly interactive, engaging and enjoyable experience to allow you to grasp hands-on how Microsoft’s newest products can empower you and your organization to get more done and overcome common business challenges.

Below are some of the highlights on what to look forward to at a CIE:

No tools required - Just bring yourself and a smile

We provide you with Microsoft’s latest software and devices so that you’re ready to hit the ground running and get the most out of your CIE. You’ll learn firsthand about Microsoft’s latest products and devices by using them throughout your session.

Learn through practical business challenges and scenarios

We tailor the experience to your specific business challenges and needs--gone are the days of rattling off the specs of potentially irrelevant features! By the end of the session, you will understand fully how Microsoft can help solve your business challenges.

Learn collaboratively

We learn best from each other, and the cloud helps facilitate such learning and collaboration. Through constant dialogue, conversation, and real-time collaboration tools throughout the session, you will learn about various approaches to using Microsoft’s products and come away with a broader view of solving your business challenges via the cloud.

A relaxed and fun learning experience

CIE is about you! We provide the tools, the room, and a trained facilitator to guide you through any difficulties you might be having, but the rest is up to you! CIE is your opportunity to explore Microsoft, ask questions, and learn from one another about how Microsoft can help solve your business challenges and boost your organization’s productivity!

So why not join us next Tuesday, January 12, as we host a CIE at Microsoft’s Chicago Headquarters? This is your opportunity to experience Microsoft’s latest features and technology and to see firsthand how it can improve your organization’s productivity and common business hurdles. See you there!

Notes: This event has come and gone! If you'd like to see other events coming up, check out our events page.

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Originally published on January 07, 2016

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