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Guiding Principles


What does it mean?

The two most important things to us are our Clients and our People. Cloudbakers' work shows best in the way we care for our clients. We focus on collaboration -- not just in the products we offer, but the actual collaborating that takes place during each and every project. We hold ourselves accountable to the success of our clients' business when it comes to their cloud technologies, and have a repeatable process that ensures your team's productivity on day one. Our experience after doing hundreds of migrations and customizations, has placed us as a top Partner among the Google, Zoho, and Microsoft.

99% Project Success Rate

Our definition of success is a client who moves to a new cloud environment and renews again the following year. This means after an entire year in production, they are not only comfortable on the new system, but have truly found a better way to work. With 400+ migrations, this is a success rate Cloudbakers is proud of.

What about the other one percent? These clients are still in the cloud, but at that time we didn't offer the right solution for them. Read this blog to see how this has changed our company.


Productive Day 1

How is this possible? With executive sponsorship, IT advocacy, and change management, you will be successful. We engage and communicate with you before, during, and after the migration. That, along with customized training based on your needs, culture, and platform for both admins and end users, means your team will be up to speed the first day on the platform.


Painless and Risk Free Projects

Moving from an on-premise environment to the cloud is a big transition, and maybe one that you've never made before. Minimize your risk by leveraging a Premier partner whose done hundreds of projects like these for similar businesses in your industry. Through the change management and support that Cloudbakers provides, we make it painless for you team. We help your end users not only see the value of the product, but understand the strategy behind it and why the transition is important for your organization.

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