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Bettercloud increases visibility for Saas application company

automate the entire offboarding process across multiple SaaS apps

BetterCloud Case Study

Drivy Increases Visibility With BetterCloud




Management and Security Software

Founded in 2010 by Paulin Dementhon, Drivy is Europe's leading carsharing marketplace with 50,000 cars shared across six countries and a community of two million users. The app allows drivers to find a nearby car, open it with their smartphone, and drive away for a few hours or a few days. Drivy’s aim is to bring fresh air to cities, providing more freedom to move while using fewer cars and less parking space. Drivy has offices in Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and London.

Challenges: Visibility and automation

When you’re a multi-SaaS application company, which many are in today’s cloud-based world, it is difficult to get the visibility you need into your sprawling environment. For Hichem Ben Marzoug, IT manager at Drivy, this has been a challenge he’s had to overcome.

“The biggest challenge has been getting proper visibility into our SaaS applications and having an overview of all of our data within these applications,” said Hichem. He had a lot of trouble keeping track of everything related to SaaS applications and ensuring compliance with Drivy’s security policies.

Another challenge for him has been automation. Since he has a lean IT team, getting bogged down by manual tasks was not ideal.


By using BetterCloud, Hichem has made great strides in overcoming these challenges and pursuing his three personal missions at Drivy, which are:
  1. Ensure that every employee has everything they need to succeed at Drivy.
  2. Guarantee the integrity of the data and the access to it.
  3. Improve productivity and their current processes.

    “BetterCloud is like my personal IT assistant,” said Hichem.

Reducing offboarding time by 94%

With BetterCloud, he’s been able to automate the entire offboarding process across multiple SaaS apps. “I only have to initiate workflows, and then I don’t have to think about it anymore. For example, for the offboarding workflow, I just put the user in the right org unit. Then I receive an email and a Slack message that says, ‘We just finished offboarding this user with a status of Success.’ That’s it,” he said.

This is why Hichem is so reliant on BetterCloud — he doesn’t have to worry about the manual offboarding tasks anymore. “I used to have to think about, ‘Okay, did I forward all of the emails to the manager? Did I migrate all the documents to her account?’ Now, I don’t.”

Automating the offboarding process has saved enormous amounts of time.

“Before we had BetterCloud, it would take me about an hour and a half per user to offboard them completely,” said Hichem.

Because incomplete offboarding can lead to serious security risks, being thorough was integral. But it was a painstaking process. For every user, he had to figure out which applications he needed to deprovision, as well as which files or calendars he needed to share. “I had to understand the employee’s profile to know which tools he or she was using,” he said.

Now, it takes only minutes to initiate a workflow and for it to complete, decreasing the offboarding time by 94%.

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