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Application Modernization Guide

VMware, SAP, legacy applications, Anthos, Kubernetes

Application Development

CIO Guide to Application Modernization

Guide to App Dev for CIOs
Learn about the many approaches to Application Modernization and what they all have in common when using GCP.

The solution areas Google and it's partners have found to be the most popular and impactful to modernize your applications are:

  • SAP on Google Cloud
  • Windows on Google Cloud
  • VMware as a service
  • Bare Metal Solution
  • VM Migration
  • Modernize legacy applications
  • Modernize Java Applications with Anthos
  • Modern CI/CD with Anthos
  • New business channels using APIs

How do these solutions running on GCP take your applications to the next level?

  • Reliability and Availability - Google built is infrastructure to handle billions of user, yes billions.
  • Open Platform - Avoid lock-ins with Google Kubernetes Engine containerization.
  • Secure by Default - All the security needs your company requires are built-in at your finger tips
  • Greater Flexibility - Anthos lets you build and manage your applications in a on-premises, cloud or hybrid cloud platforms which reduces operational overhead.
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