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Get you apps and data working together

Your apps and data work best together in the cloud, not bound by silos

Our clients achieve productivity and efficiency while maintaining:

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Scalability

Migrate to the cloud at the right pace for your business

Start your journey in the right place

Our engineers and data scientists begin your journey to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with a thorough inventory of your apps, databases, and their integrations.

We identify workloads to migrate through our application, data, and infrastructure modernization approach.

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Move to the cloud quickly & efficiently

Based on a migration cost analysis, we help you formulate a plan that balances cost and value to your business.

No matter what method is needed, our Google-certified engineers can move and improve your apps and data to live in the cloud, quickly and efficiently. We will rapidly get your IT staff up to speed.

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True value comes from the ability to quickly innovate & iterate

Get the most out of your existing apps

Our engineers use CI/CD to modernize and improve your existing apps. We train your staff on these techniques so they can maintain your apps and infrastructure on their own.

Re-architect existing app and build new ones

To help you iterate through development cycles faster and scale, our engineers use automation tools to quickly re-architect existing apps to take advantage of containers and microservices.

We build cloud-native apps that allow you to take full advantage of the Google Cloud Platform, enabling innovation and speed to market.

Ten Ways To Turn Data Into Action

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Leverage big data, analytics, and machine

learning for actionable insights.

Work on a single source of truth

Our data scientists and engineers organize your data sets, providing you with meaningful analytics and insights.

Google datasets, like maps, weather, traffic, etc., can enhance your data to increase the depth and accuracy of the derived insights.

Understand and use your data better

Powerful analytics tools like Google Data Studio, Looker, and Tableau are used to help you build data models, analytics, and reports that deliver intelligence that can be easily translated into business value. The analytics also provide a powerful feedback loop to create:

  • Roadmaps for new features 
  • New apps to monetize your data 
  • Continuous business process improvement


Improve your bottom line and competitive edge

Google’s powerful Machine Learning (ML) tools and pre-built APIs are leveraged to provide your business with predictive analytics.

Machine Learning enhances a wide range of activities including:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Improving customer experience
  • Forecasting demand
  • Reducing supply chain latency & cost 

Get your apps & data working together
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