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Cloud Based Email & File Storage

Email efficiency

Cloudbakers has chosen to partner with Google specifically because it's the most mature platform in the cloud space. As one of the biggest technology players, they have security teams and development and support capabilities well beyond that of other organizations.

Select an all Google or even hybrid solution, in which you can use Google's well-known collaboration features while maintaining Office tools on hand. 

Messaging & Collaboration Solutions


Extend the platform to leverage other productivity tools

Dialpad_App_Icon_POS_RGB.png Dialpad

Click any contact in your databases to initiate a phone call in the cloud. Use any device to continue the call, in or out of the office. End the call feeling productive.

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Admin tools born in the cloud allow for efficient internal management. Monitoring, auditing, and insights are made extremely easy, along with numerous other features. 

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Cloud based backup keeps your files safe from all sorts of risk, especially user error. Spanning provides daily backups and easy recovery for all of your files and boasts a 100% Restore Guarantee. 

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