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Cloud Based Email & File Storage

Email platforms in the cloud: What's the difference?

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Cloud Email Services
Email has evolved. It now serves as the foundational platform on which all other applications are integrated.
Cloud Email Services
Your calendar should be as responsive as you are and accessible wherever you are, on any device. 
Cloud Email Services
Storing your files in the cloud is secure and allows for incredible collaborative functionality.
Cloud Email Services
When properly integrated, your contacts & groups automatically populate the platforms and applications on which you work.

 Email platforms can be so much more than just email

The messaging tools your company uses to communicate both internally and externally lie at the core of your company's collaboration. In the cloud, the potential of these tools skyrockets. Integrate:

  • Chat applications for more fast-paced and less formal communication
  • Cloud based file servers for file storage, file sharing, and real-time group editing
  • Video conferencing applications and phone systems for truly modern communications

No longer worry about security, disaster recovery, maintenance, patches, or client licensing, and lower costs all around. Remove the technical barriers between you and your clients, co-workers, and partners, and work from anywhere, at any time, on any device. 


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