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Cloud Based Email & File Storage

Cloudbakers' certified deployment specialists employ a trusted, repeatable methodology that has carried us through 500+ successful deployments. From the kick-off to the ongoing support available anytime after the deployment, the Cloudbakers team is dedicated to your project: Your success is our success

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How do we deploy?

Cloudbakers Implementation Process

Cloudbakers’ deployment practice is a high-touch, full service cloud migration project that includes a proven change management process and support thereafter. Lets dive deeper!

Project Kick-Off

The project kick off consists of 2 parts. First, the Bakers meet with executives and key project stakeholders. We enter this meeting with a high level timeline prepared along with a work breakdown structure. The goal here is to gather viewpoints and concerns from anyone who has a large stake in the project and find out what they would like to see. We review the timeline and work breakdown, covering the deployment and change management processes. Second, the Bakers have an in-depth environment review specifically with the technical team. This provides a more detailed take on the client's environment and gets the gears turning about how they want to set up the trainings.

Cloudbakers CaresTechnical Set-up and Configuration

Initial set up consists of the following: license provisioning, email routing, spam and content filtering, SMTP relay settings, directory synchronization, Single Sign On, Two-Factor Authentication, and other technical details that are uncovered during the environment review. Where applicable, third party tools (such as Spanning Backup, BetterCloud, Switch.co) and additional objects (resources, groups, shared contacts, password and directory syncs, etc.) are assigned and configured to fit seamlessly into the new platform.

With the environment well on its way to being fully configured, admin trainings can begin, in which admins are shown the settings they will manage and how they can deliver features to their users. Trainings like this will continue throughout the entire deployment; it is a constant learning process. 

Cloudbakers CaresMigration Phase

After configuring the migration tool and any applicable migration servers, we first identify the data that will be migrated from the source platform to the new one. This can be anything from mail, calendar, contacts, files, etc. Mapping out where the data is coming from and where it's going is sometimes simple and other times more complex, depending on the environment.

After the test migrations, a first pass migration is completed. During Go Live, we perform a delta migration. The first pass migration transfers the majority of client data, and the delta migration consists of a cutover weekend to transfer the remainder. The process is done in a fashion that allows all employees to continue to use their email platforms throughout, and ensures no loss of valuable data.

Cloudbakers CaresChange Management

Change management is a Cloudbakers differentiator; It's where we bring the human element to technology. We painlessly change the behavior of your end users to get the most out of the tools you've invested in. While the kick off and technical configuration are distinct phases, change management is incorporated in all steps of the deployment process. Ramping up during migration, Cloudbakers' change management is multifaceted and highly involved. We provide email campaigns, training websites, periodic tips and tricks, posters, and extensive end user trainings. We custom design a change management solution that works for your business, leverages our expertise, and makes it fun.

Read more on the value of change management here

Go Live

The Go Live date generally refers to the Monday after the cut over weekend. At this point all admins and users are fully migrated to the new platform and have full access to historical data. Depending on the IT provisions of the client, Bakers can be physically present on Go Live to help with support tickets and answer any questions or concerns that may arise. We find that direct interaction between our team and the client's team greatly improves adoption of the new platform. Cloudbakers also provides phone support and makes it easy to contact our team during this important time. This availability ensures that you receive immediate answers from project leaders and allows continued aid going forward. Our goal is to make your team look like rockstars.

Cloudbakers CaresProject Wrap-Up

As the project comes to a close, a closeout meeting is conducted with our Head of Operations and Head of Marketing. At this point we determine whether we've hit all milestones of the project and whether or not the client would prefer an ongoing support package going forward. This is yet another opportunity for collaborative feedback and discussion.

During this time we produce an internal project review. This information is then supplied to the client as a project overview, showing them where they came from, where they are now, and where they are headed. 

All companies are different: What does your business require?



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