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Cloud Productivity Solutions

Cloud migration experts and user adoption specialists

According to Forrester, their composite example of a G Suite implementation:

  • Generated 304% ROI
  • Average annual benefit per employee: $1,702
  • Saving 13 full workdays per year per employee
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Our Cloud Productivity Solutions are part technical and part human.

This is the technical part.

You may want to migrate messaging and collaboration, CRM or infrastucture to the cloud. You may choose to layer data analytics, machine learning or other tools to leverage your digital assets in the cloud. Or you may decide that some combination of the two is right for you. Whichever direction you choose, we’ll help you get there.

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This is the human part.

A successful migration offers a pathway to continuous innovation. That requires close professional relationships both within your organization and with your migration partner. You need to sell migration and innovation up to the top and sell new applications and revised processes to the individual user. We can help you do both.

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With Cloudbakers

You’ll achieve higher adoption rates and reap the benefits of having more satisfied end-users. And best of all, according to Google, a robust change management program can improve the ROI of your cloud migration by 135% in the first year alone.

The Executive’s Guide to Cloud Migration Services

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Join These Happy Clients Who Came to Cloudbakers

Achieve Security at Scale

“We are so appreciative of the Q & A sessions, where we can ask ‘is that possible? What are the technical hurdles?’...and get instantaneous feedback. It says a lot to be able to sit down with the Founder of the company and talk CIO to former CIO. Cloudbakers has a lot of great thinkers and can act as a technology sounding board for us."


Vibrant Credit Union

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Enabling Remote Employees

“Cloudbakers and Google not only made our transition to Google Cloud a breeze, but helped us make meaningful changes to our internal process that in turn helped make our employees work better together.”


Aspire Indiana

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Empower the Sales Team

“The value for what Cloudbakers has done has been 10x what we spent. It has helped immensely to grow our company, operate smoother, and attract bigger clients. It’s really immeasurable.”


Hotels for Hope

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