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The Baker Way

Since Cloudbakers first came to be, our transparency has allowed us to form the most genuine relationships with our clients, stay focused on the success of our projects, and continue to grow as a company.

Meet the Bakers

Desire to learn and advance in work and in life.
Coach & Be Coached

Integrity & Accountability
Build trustworthy relationships with our clients and team through integrity and accountability.

Life Long Learner

Desire to learn and advance in work and in life.

Solution Focused
Possess a positive, unrelenting, creative approach to problem solving.

Coach & Be Coached
Give and receive constructive criticism for the benefit of all.

Be authentic. Be yourself.


Expanding our awesome team,
dedicated to brining the human element to technology


We transform businesses by being proactive
as we evolve projects into partnerships.

Unique Characteristics

Born in the Cloud

Cloudbakers was built upon the need for cloud migrations. We practice everything we preach and have a mindset focused on helping other organizations implement innovative solutions.

Extremely Deep Product Knowledge

Cloudbakers is proud to be a top partner in every product we represent. Among these, we are one in a handful of Google Cloud Premier Partners and Zoho's Advanced Solution Partner. We take as much pride in our relationships with our partners as we do with our clients and team.

CIO Viewpoint

Before 2010, our Founder, Mitch Greenwald, was CIO for a $400M company. Like most business leaders, he was faced with the challenge of doing more with less. After doing his due diligence on numerous solutions, he couldn't find anyone to help transition his company to the cloud. While he knew that Google was the right choice, he needed help managing the changes. It was at that time, he started what is now Cloudbakers. His goal was to help others with the same need and passion that he needed at his former company. We like to say, "he jumped off a cliff and landed on a cloud". Fast forward to today, the Cloudbakers team has perfected G Suite migrations, built a custom development practice, and has expanded into data analytics and machine learning.

Inner City 100
Best Places to Work in Chicago 2018
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