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Guide to Cloud Application Development

Learn about Cloud Application Types and Methodologies

The Cloudbakers' Guide to Cloud Application Development

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Learn about Cloud Application Types and Methodologies from the 'Bakers!
A comprehensive guide to application development and application types in the cloud, whether native apps, web apps, or hybrid apps.

Oh, What an App Can Do

Most of us use apps every day, but few know just how many exist in our daily lives—or how beneficial they are for increasing productivity, streamlining processes, analyzing metrics and improving user experiences. Applications are shaping the future of businesses across every industry, and it’s something we ‘bakers are a bit of an expert on.


• What we mean when we say application development
• The different types of applications and their functions
• The current opportunities in application development
• How we put application development to work for our clients
• Our process for building applications
• Our change and adoption practice


With a firm grasp on all things app dev, you’ll have the know-how to concept your own game-changing application for improving your business—and the team of ‘bakers at the ready to bake it into a reality.
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