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Build better relationships with your customers

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CRM comes down to three things:

CRM | Help sales reps sell more effectively

Help sales reps sell more effectively

CRM | Help sales managers give proper feedback to sales reps

Help sales managers give proper feedback to the sales reps, without overhead.

CRM | Provide executives comfort and trust in the sales team

Provide executives comfort and trust in the sales team and show effectiveness across the business. 

Make the complex simple with an experienced partner

Redefine business targets that progress to success

Understand how to effectively measure your business goals and KPIs, structure operating procedures, and plan for training and change

Strategically assess options  for a powerful solution design

Organize your CRM architecture, prioritize integrations, determine automations, and plan for the migration of data

Implement with confidence and ensure end user adoption

Execute quickly and meticulously so your teams can be productive on day one

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Ready to choose the right CRM for you?

Based on client successes, these two options have produced the best business return for their value:

Zoho CRM
Zoho offers incredible functionality at a unique price point, 
integrating seamlessly with your messaging and collaboration platforms. This customizable CRM is ideal for medium sized businesses.

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Copper is the leading CRM for users of G Suite. The integration between Google Cloud and Copper occurs automatically, when your account is active and is designed with a similar interface as your Gmail. 

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How to Choose The Right CRM for Your Business

Start from the beginning

This 'Guide to Choosing your CRM' will help you explore the main differences between CRM software like Salesforce, Dynamics, Zoho, and Copper. 

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Make the most of your business relationships

Assess and optimize your business processes with ease. Cloudbakers’ experts will help you understand the ins and outs of CRM and teach best practices that power sales productivity.

Find the best CRM solution for you