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CRM & Sales Tools

zoho-crm-google-apps-syncIn order to truly maximize your business's productivity Cloudbakers employs a trusted, repeatable methodology that has carried us through 400+ successful deployments. True to our nature, each step of the process is high-touch and highly collaborative. Our certified CRM deployment specialists gain an understanding of each client's specific business process and work with your sales team, both admins and users, in a language they can relate to. From the initial kick-off to the ongoing support available anytime after the deployment, the Cloudbakers team is dedicated to your project: Your success is our success. 

How do we deploy?

Cloudbakers CaresProject Kick-Off

The Cloudbakers team first establishes when the client would like to have the project completed and be fully operational. We then agree with or modify this date based on the information we have about the business process of the company. This timeline is then synchronized with client expectations.

When gathering expectations, we consider the high level goals and requirements the client expresses. What is the final goal to accomplish by the end of the project? We consider the results desired in both the short term (weeks) and long term (end of year), and align these goals with the information we subsequently gather when doing a requirements analysis.

Cloudbakers CaresDiscovery

A fully integrated solution begins with an all-encompassing requirements analysis. This is often where Cloudbakers' consultative role shines through. It is important to incorporate not only the client's sales portion of their business but all relevant systems and components that are in use. These may be accounting systems, lead generation systems, websites, reporting tools, social media, marketing systems, email campaign systems, phone systems, email systems, and any collaboration suites that the client team uses to work together on a daily basis. An in depth approach as such ensures that the solution Cloudbakers provides is truly the best match for the client's environment. 

Process Analysis

Though at a high level many companies may be similar, there is always something unique to be found within our clients' business processes. Our process analysis is centered around identifying these unique strengths and capitalizing on them. Bringing this uniqueness into the CRM or business process solution allows the client to fully leverage their strengths. 

We begin by analyzing the lead generation process. We ask general questions first: How is the client generating new prospects? How are leads captured, and from where? Soon we move into more detailed analyses: Is lead qualification done internally, or is it outsourced? What defines the transfer of information between the client and any third party companies involved? A common issue in sales processes is information falling through the cracks during such transfers; this information can be the difference between making or falling short of quota. 

The next step is to dig into the sales process itself. How does the client turn a qualified lead into an invoice? What statistics are run throughout the process, if any? What types of statistics and reporting are desired by the client? How is the overall process itself monitored and managed by various teams throughout the company? This quickly segues into management of the sales representatives themselves. Keeping sales reps on task, reporting on them, and making them efficient with their time are all essential components of management. We look at how our client can evaluate strengths and in turn present that to their clientele in an efficient manner. 

Finally, we look at our client's post sale process, where they generally move from a sales role to an account management role. We look at the product or service they are providing and analyze both how they deploy it and how they gather feedback on customer satisfaction with it. How do they measure their own business while working with their clients to upsell other products and services they offer? We help the client identify the key metrics necessary to measure their success as an organization and what reporting tools will be most beneficial to them.


Once we have established the requirements and gained an intimate understanding of the extant business process, we produce a document the client can digest which details our plan going forward. If expectations are matched, we begin implementation.
Cloudbakers CaresThis is defined by a series of interactions with the client that develops a new system that matches both their nomenclature and their user groups.

The initial phase of implementation consists of deploying a beta product. We deploy this to a small subset of their project stakeholders and have them test the system. We identify areas that may need improvement and then make tweaks to the product as needed. The second phase follows a similar process, bringing us that much closer to an end product. As it becomes clear that the product is nearing completion, Cloudbakers begins to develop a Go Live strategy and change management program and we soon thereafter begin onboarding users. 

Onboarding can take two forms. Based on both the solution and the company needs, we can either bring on specific teams or departments in a Slow Deployment or we can do an All-at-Once Deployment in which everyone is signed up, given access, and trained around the same time. 

Change Management

Our change management programs generally consist of training exercises and video trainings. That said, they are always customized to fit the specific needs of each client, as well as each subset of users within the company. Some users are familiar with CRMs, and some have never ventured out of a spreadsheet. Whatever the situation may be, our goal is to make the learning curve as small as possible and ensure productivity on day one. To accomplish this, we first work very heavily with the client's administrative staff. Once both parties are confident that admins are in-tune with the system, can make any necessary changes, and can assist users at the touch of a button, we can move into the in-depth user trainings. These trainings are customized to your specific implementation and the level at which your users are starting from. In addition, we develop custom training videos that break down our trainings into series of 2-5 videos. These can be used for future refresher courses and are commonly leveraged for onboarding employees further down the line.

Cloudbakers CaresGo Live & Ongoing Support

When your team is trained, it's time to begin using the system in full force. This is the point where you realize just how important the customized trainings are. The more you've invested in allowing our team to work with your end users, the quiter the atmosphere and the happier your users are on that first day of your updated process. Our support team is available by phone or email for any last minute questions or reminders on Go Live day.

We make sure our team is very responsive during this time. We want to ensure all users truly believe in the new system and have the help they need on a one-off basis. Looking even beyond the project at support, we offer a portal for clients to log into and view tickets that arise throughout the entire company, and work closely with the client's admins and IT teams to finalize a successful long-term adoption of the platform.


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