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Custom Application Development

Although all Custom Application Development projects are inherently different, Cloudbakers still employs a trusted, repeatable methodology that has carried us through 500+ successful deployments. We maintain our high-touch and highly collaborative style while creating a solution that addresses the intricacies of each client's environment. The client’s needs are routinely established and reviewed and the final product never disappoints.

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How do we develop and deploy your application?

Cloudbakers Application Development Process


Custom App System Evaluation | CloudbakersCloudbakers CaresThe project begins with a thorough evaluation of your process. We begin broad, finding out exactly what's missing, what you need, and how your business can be run in the most efficient way possible. We then identify exactly what it is the app is going to help you do. This may be optimizing internal operations, creating new revenue streams, billing work, etc. Together we determine the goals that guide us throughout the remainder of the project.

We proceed to dive into the specifics. What devices will the application be used on? What type of connection will users have? Will this be a public or private app? What types of admin controls are desired? What type of branding and aesthetic design is desired? These specific requirements are complimented by individual use cases, in which we ask specific users and admins what types of features they see themselves needing. The full array of requirements is finally broken down into diagrams and mock-ups.

Project SketchCloudbakers Cares

Custom App Project Sketch | CloudbakersTo say "sketch" is to put it lightly. After thorough evaluation and discussions directly with your team, we use the gathered information to design a mock-up of what your application will look like, and build wireframes to show how it will work. We review these with your team, together, to make sure everyone is on the same page. We have found that this is far more effective than textual explanations when trying to verify that we are on the right track. In many cases we develop a Minimal Viable Product, which is essentially a scaled down version of the full application, to show you. Once we get the approval from your team, the engagement period ends and the development begins!

Development & Integrations

Web App Development | CloudbakersCloudbakers CaresWe create your solution by leveraging Google's Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, or Zoho Creator. We migrate data if needed, and meet with you for review as we complete specific milestones throughout the course of the project. We complete the development process in stages, resulting in scheduled releases of features to the client. We take into account what features are needed and when, and develop a release schedule that maximizes productivity. 

On the development side, the full project is broken down into specific use cases and small tasks. Each is developed and tested separately to ensure a full system of individually working parts. As different components of the final application are prepared, they are pushed out to production. Once we are confident certain components have addressed the pertinent requirements, they are grouped and provided to the client in the scheduled releases.

Implementation & TrainingCloudbakers Cares

Switch-on.pngBecause development is broken down into scheduled releases, implementation and training is an ongoing process. Depending on your preferences, we meet with you on-premise or via Google Hangouts to walk you and your team through different use cases and workflows. We teach you how to interact with the product, answer any questions you may have, and give you suggestions on how to make your future business practices as effective as can be.


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