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Commercial real estate company leverages application development building on Google Drive

Google Drive, one of the most important integrated tools to the fully functioning Google Apps Suite

Application Development Case Study

Not Everything Is For Sharing: A Story About Building on Google Drive
HSA Commercial Real Estate | Website


HSA Commercial Real Estate

Unlike many case studies, this story actually begins at a pretty happy place. HSA Commercial Real Estate was already a Google for Work customer, Cloudbakers evangelist, and overall very productive users of the platform that they had migrated to just months before.

The Essentials

Google Drive | CloudbakersGoogle Drive, one of the most important integrated tools to the fully functioning Google Apps Suite, is a central location for users to store all files. This includes external files in addition to the native Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and Forms. As proud Drive users, HSA team members took advantage of this feature and began to share files with their co-workers. Sharing was seamless, a welcomed change from the former file server structure.

But similar to every unique organization, there are distinct processes that allow them to achieve the success they do. Technology should never put a strain on these processes. The process may change in a good way (for example automation), but never cause disruption to your workforce – especially once you’ve done the right training or change management program to make your users love the system. In the case of HSA’s processes, there was one place in particular that they hoped they could make even better. They wanted more control over sensitive documents.

It’s All About Who You Know

By having a close relationship with Cloudbakers, created through their initial Google Apps migration, it was easy to bring up the use case they had in mind and get a solid solution in return: A Google Drive Lockdown.

HSA didn’t want to rely on reporting or other tools to show when new documents were created and then manually change ownership; they wanted an automated way for this to happen. Working in conjunction with Cloudbakers, a script was developed, tweaked and perfected.

The Solution

Now when new documents are created within specific folders (chosen by the company), the owner of those documents is changed from the user to a data admin account. When the data admin account gets ownership, the script automatically turns the specific sharing setting on so that the newly created document is shared with only the right people and no one else by mistake or on purpose.

Sharing Settings in Google Drive | Cloudbakers

HSA specifically had the time interval for this process set to run every 2 minutes. The great part about applications, is that you choose settings, like this time interval and any other aspect, based on what works best for your process. It’s about understanding your processes well enough that you can decide how technology will work best for you – then it can actually be done.

Working with partners like Cloudbakers, you have assistance along the entire way, asking the right questions to spark your innovative mind and building those ideas into a reality you never knew existed.


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