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Data warehouse for hospitals case study

data warehouse BigQuery and ETL tools such as Google Dataflow, are HIPAA compliant

Infrastructure Case Study

Varuna Migrates from Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud







Google Cloud experts at Cloudbakers and Qwinix helped Varuna cut wasted cloud spend, reinforce cloud security practices, and build a foundation for advanced IoT and machine learning capabilities with an AWS to Google Cloud migration. This allowed them to focus on what they do best: helping their customers gain visibility across their distribution network.

The challenge

Varuna was running on multiple servers and wanted to avoid over-provisioning. To do this, they needed to move to a serverless architecture, which would allow them to reduce wasted cloud spend and expand their product’s machine learning capabilities.
Critical assets included Varuna IoT’s front-end website, client portal application (Python app with Django), and AWS relational database.

The approach

  • Database Migration: AWS RDS Postgres database instance to a Cloud SQL Postgres instance
  • Front-end Website Migration: S3 hosting of static HTML and JavaScript files to Google Cloud Storage buckets and representative Cloud CDN service instances
  • Application Migration: Python (with Django) app from AWS Elastic Beanstalk to Google App Engine
  • Secure Google Cloud Landing Zone Setup: Assessed, designed, and implemented cloud security best practices

The results

  • Migrated infrastructure from AWS to Google Cloud
  • Reduced monthly cloud spend
  • Expanded machine learning capabilities
  • Reinforced cloud security best practices


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