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Google Apps Suite | Tools that make you work better, together

Google Apps for Work


Gmail | Your portal to the everything else Google


Revolutionize your email.

Say hello to productivity by having the power of Google Search right inside your inbox! Use labels to organize your messages and add filters to automate that organizing process for you.

Other awesome aspects of Gmail:

  • Customize email addresses
  • Ability to work offline
  • Connect with your contacts




Google Hangouts | Video conference calls within your email inbox


One click to communicate

It's never been easier to switch from an email to chat to a video conference call. Use this app on any device and add to any event in your calendar. Not only can you talk and share your video, but you can open up any file from Google Drive and together edit away!

Other awesome aspects of Google Hangouts:

  • Have up to 15 co-workers in a conversation
  • Save time & money on travel and meet online isntead
  • Hangout sync across devices, so you can talk on the go!




Google Drive | One place for all your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files


Storage that you love & can easily share

Don't waste time searching for a file that you created months ago. Use Google Search to find it within seconds. Access your files from any device, online or offline. Any changes you make offline will automatically sync when you return to an internet connection.

Other awesome aspects of Google Drive:

  • Start with 30GB of storage and buy more if needed (otherwise, with a Drive for Work accout, you'll have unlimited storage)
  • Share single files or whole folders with your team
  • Have Word documents you fear getting rid of? Those can be stored here too!




Google Docs | One mode of collaboration between you and your co-workers


Collaborate better

Share documents with team members and watch your to-do list evaporate. The days of the making several revisions are over. Now you can get together and finish your work in one sitting.

Other awesome aspects of Google Docs:

  • Comment on any part of the document
  • Add images, tables, equations, drawings, links and more
  • Revisit older version of the document, if needed



Google Spreadsheets | Newly updated to work with even Office files


Cells, cells, and more cells

Use Google Spreadsheets to keep and share lists, track projects, analyze data and track results. Similar to all other files you can create in Google Drive, these documents can have multiple viewers and editors working on them at the same time - as long as you allow them access of course. 

Other awesome aspects of Google Spreadsheets:

  • Ability to only share certain parts of the spreadsheet to specific people
  • Use advanced formulas, embedded charts, filters, pivot tables, and data validation tools (see below)




Google Slides | Present your best work professionally and creatively


Make presentations easily and quickly

It's amazing how fast a presentation can be made, especially when multiple people are working on it at the same time. You can upload your finished product to the web or share them privately among your peers.

Other awesome aspects of Google Slides:

  • Choose from a variety of templates or create your own
  • Add embedded videos, animations and dynamic slide transitions



Google Calendar | Choose to schedule events in a way that's easiest for you


Let your calendar organize you...

...instead of you having to keep your calendar organized. Google gives you an easy way to schedule all your events and lets you attach documents so that you can easily reference them during a meeting.

Other awesome aspects of Google Calendar:

  • Work across timezones
  • Event reminders
  • Publish calendars to the web
  • Delegate other to manage your calendar



Google Contacts | Keep a detailed record of everyone you meet


Your address book online

Easily search for your contacts and keep a detailed record of everyone you meet. Send an email or phone a friend from either the contacts page or right in your inbox. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Other awesome aspects of Google Contacts:

  • See what circle you have them in on G+
  • Never miss their birthday
  • View them from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device



Google+ | Your company's social platform


Your company's #1 social media platform

Stay up-to-date with not only your company, but the whole world around you. Use Google+ to share articles, events, and follow your interests. Get a sneak peek by checking out the Cloudbakers page.



Google Sites | Create an intranet for your company-wide messages


Customized to help you organize

Easily build project sites for your team. You get to choose who can view and/or edit your site and you can always go back to change your settings. Our favorite aspect throughout Google Apps shows up here too: That powerful Google search!

Other awesome aspects of Google Sites:

  • Choose from hundreds of templates
  • You don't need to know a single line of code



Google Vault | Archiving and eDiscovery for Google Apps


Search across all content in Drive

Google Vault is an optional add-on to Google Apps for Work and included in Google Drive for Work. Prepare your company for litigation and compliance audits with powerful search tools that help you find and retrieve relevant email and chat messages.

Other awesome aspects of Google Vault:

  • Find relevant documents easily
  • Please legal hold on users, if necessary
  • Run reports on user activity and actions

For even more details, read our Google Vault Datasheet