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Infrastructure Case Study

1WorldSync Delivers Global Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for Content Delivery





1WorldSync solutions enables customers to seamlessly share trusted, relevant and actionable product content across every channel and location. 

The challenge
1WorldSync’s diverse customer needs and increasing expectations led the Technology Operations team to engage Google and Cloudbakers in a Digital Transformation and modernization journey. 

Key objectives:

  1. Establish equivalent security controls and identity access management as on-premise with role-based access
  2. Maintain ISO certification
  3. Support worldwide Data Access
  4. Make DR exercises simpler with global infrastructure
  5. Moving from DR to a HA Reliability Model
  6. Modernize applications by adopting managed services
  7. Make cost-optimized decisions 
  8. Reimagine the customer experience 

The approach
Using the Cloud Start and Transformation Labs methodologies, the engineering and business leaders at 1WorldSync completed a series of workshops and working sessions to:

  • Build reference architectures and best practices for selected GCP services
  • Identified opportunities for using GCP services and developed the roadmap
  • Created a business case to present to the rest of the company
  • Developed new customer experience using trained AutoML models

The results

  • A Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure using Google Cloud for scale and managed services while maintaining security controls and ISO certification
  • Leveraging managed services to reduce operational overhead, increase efficiency and free up resources for innovation
  • Minimized customer facing risks with availability / performance


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