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Infrastructure Case Study

Hingham Institution partners with Cloudbakers to transition to GCP
Hingham Institution for Savings


Hingham Institution for Savings


Financial Services

Cloudbakers Certified Google Cloud team provided Architecture, Engineering, Technical Account Management, and Project Management for Hingham Institution throughout this journey to GCP.

The Challenge

As one of America’s oldest banks headquartered in Hingham, Massachusetts, Hingham Institution sought additional computing capabilities and chose to migrate their internal IT infrastructure platform to Google Cloud. Hingham Institution’s systems include some aging hardware that was due for a refresh, so rather than purchasing new hardware and continuing the cycle, Hingham Institution decided that the Cloud was the next logical step. Migrating to a reliable cloud positioned Hingham Institution for future expansion and re-architecture.

Hingham Institution desired a solution engineered for security, reliability, and uptime, which would lead to a better experience for their users. In the financial industry security is critical, and Hingham was impressed with Google’s continuous commitment to excellence and innovation .

The Solution

Utilizing the Velostrata migration tool, Hingham Institution live-migrated virtual machines from legacy on premise hosts to Google Cloud using Compute Engine, Networking, and scalable Global Load Balancing. StackDriver replaced an on-prem legacy monitoring & alerting platform, and Network Load Balancing was architected to balance inbound website requests and internal databases. Snapshot schedules were set up to easily enable reliable images to be taken of Hingham Institution’s servers

The results

With their infrastructure platform on Google Cloud, Hingham Institution has the compute resources needed to scale in peak seasons and the independence to integrate with other modern systems reliably.


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