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Google Cloud Strategy


A platform for the future

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, the highest tier possible, we specialize in two types of projects: G Suite deployments and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) development. Which comes first is up to you, but we'll gladly work with you to determine business priorities and build your cloud strategy.

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G Suite

Google Apps for Work | Migration with Cloudbakers

A modern, clean, and secure email, document, and storage platform that sits at the center of your business applications.
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Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform | App Engine Development with Cloudbakers

Scalable and powerful integrated development tools that allow you to make your manual business processes digital.
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Why couple these two systems together? The more platforms your company utilizes, the more hoops your data has to jump through to operate efficiently. Minimize these hoops by using platforms that are built to work together. No two systems communicate faster than G Suite and Google Cloud Platform. With a 99.99% uptime guarantee for both, you can operate confident that you're data & applications will be accessible when & where you need them.

What does this mean for your business?


Flexibility in the Cloud | Cloudbakers

G Suite's pricing structure is simple, but users can be flexible in what features they use. Even using a small selection of the tool, is still cheaper than the competition. From a custom application perspective, you only pay for what you use.

System Integration

System Integration | Cloudbakers

Whether you're using Google Cloud entirely or only a subset of tools, it's easy to integrate with external applications. Connect your email to your CRM, build additional sharing permissions in file storage, automate tasks within a manual workflow anything is possible with an open API.

New Revenue Streams

Create New Revenue Streams | Cloudbakers Application Development

Develop what could become the future standard for your industry. Automate operational tasks to save costs internally or turn your service offering into a digital one to not only reach more clients, but have the bandwidth to work with them. Your data is your most valuable asset!


Why Cloudbakers?

Cloudbakers' trusted team of Google Cloud Deployment Specialists and Development Engineers work with you to develop a custom strategy that meets the unique needs of your business. To ensure your business enjoys a successful project, we follow a proven CARE methodology that meets your requirements and budget by leveraging technical migration, training, and support expertise. 


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