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G Suite

Help your teams collaborate

G Suite is desired by business users and IT administrators alike. IT admins get more time to focus on strategic initiatives, while users can finally come together in real time, regardless of location. G Suite comes with unlimited storage, efficient admin controls and enterprise-level security, as well as Google Vault for your archiving and eDiscovery needs. A seamless collaboration platform is only the beginning.

G Suite - Work Reimagined

Google's Seamless Collaboration Platform | Cloudbakers

Cut to the chase

Google's Seamless Collaboration Platform allows you to be:

  • Mobile-centricSee your work from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. From field operations to telecommuting, mobility allows your workforce to make better use of their time and simply get things done.
  • Project-drivenGet projects done faster, cheaper, and with better quality by taking advanage of Google's tools. Use Drive for proposals, campaigns, project management, budgeting, auditing and more.
  • Collaboration-focusedGoogle Drive makes it easy as ever to quickly give colleagues and clients access to view, download, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. No email attachment required.

 Cloud colaboration

Premium Features: What does G Suite include?



The new Drive for Work has unlimited storage for all your files, folders and more. Store any file type up to 5TB.

Granular Controls


Administrators create a secure and efficient environment to allow easy and seamless collaboration for end-users.

Improved Auditing


Enterprise-level security around Google Drive with the ability to track and notify admins when documents are shared, edited, and deleted between users.

Google Vault


Store, archive, retain and find your organization's email & files for your eDiscovery and compliance needs.


Where does Cloudbakers come in?

Cloudbakers' trusted team of Google Cloud Deployment Specialists work with you to develop a custom migration strategy that meets the unique needs of your business. Having migrated hundreds of businesses to the Google platform, we intimately understand the needs of IT, the C-Suite and end users.

To ensure your business enjoys a successful deployment, we follow a proven CARE methodology that meets your needs and budget by leveraging technical migration, training, and support expertise. We perform turn key migrations or teach your technical staff depending on your budgetary and staffing constraints. The quality of the products along with our change management process makes for a successful migration your entire company can enjoy!




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